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speeding up your pc

Easiest ways to speed up your pc

By: Mitch in Registry Cleaners
Last updated February 26, 2023

We all know that it is getting more and more expensive for everything lately, so we wanted to take a...

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email icon lit up

What are the best ways to keep your computer safe?

By: Mitch in Antivirus
Last updated December 29, 2022

Computer safety is an important issue for all computer users. It is essential to ensure that your co...

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desktop gaming computer

Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up a Gaming PC

By: Mitch in Miscellaneous
Last updated December 13, 2022

Setting up a gaming PC can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider: the graphics ca...

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Person frustrated at their pc

5 easy and free steps to speed up your computer

By: Mitch in System Optimizers
Last updated October 1, 2022

Slow computer get you down? We have put together a few simple steps to speed up your machine and bri...

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slow computers kill fun

Why is your computer slow? Check these 5 things

By: Mitch in Internet Security
Last updated August 18, 2022

If you've ever wondered why your computer is slow, you're not alone. Many people ask themselves this...

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