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Gleem Battery Electric Toothbrush Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 6, 2021

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Gleem is a known toothpaste brand which was previously owned by Procter and Gamble. They have created electric toothbrushes for their consumers, creating one that is operated with batteries and one that can be charged for continuous use. We have created an analysis of the different features of the product so users can check whether it is for them.

Gleem electric toothbrushes design

The design of the product is dominantly white and simple. It also has the perfect weight that makes it easy to glide the teeth and direct to the parts which you want to clean specifically. It comes with a replaceable brush head that is advised to be changed every 3 months. These are designed like manual toothbrushes with an oblong head.

Does the Gleem toothbrush clean as well as other electric toothbrushes?

This particular Gleem electric toothbrush is battery operated so don’t expect too much intensity from the product compared to its Lithium-ion operated counterparts. Even with this, though, it manages to provide reliable cleaning and plaque removal with its single cleaning mode. This automatically starts once you press the single button of the toothbrush. With regular usage, adequate dental cleanliness will be expected from the product. 

The product only has a single cleaning mode. This operates for a maximum of two minutes as recommended by dentists and hygienists. This comes with a quadpacer that advises users to change the quadrant of the teeth they are cleaning every 30 seconds. This makes it easier to provide cleaning to all sides of the teeth and for you to be advised in case you need to change quadrants. It also makes the product very easy to use for children who are only learning to clean their teeth. It is not intrusive at all and is gentle in its reminder whenever 30 seconds have passed.

Gleem Battery life

The product is built to be carried around for trips even to places where electricity is not always ensured. Because of this, it can function with only a single triple A battery. Users simply need to open the tight screw at the end of the unit to replace this. This functionality is quite limited nowadays as most brushes go for a rechargeable approach which makes it powerful for brushing but less convenient for some. The product is light enough even with a battery which makes it more convenient.  When we did our Gleem Electric Toothbrush review we found that this battery was acceptable for its price point, but there were much better options available.

Gleem travel case

Aiding its convenience is a travel case where users can store the unit along with its counterparts easily. This is a very good feature that makes it a worthwhile purchase as this is usually only offered for expensive electric toothbrushes. Upon testing, it was very durable and sturdy when carried. It also protects the parts of the brush. 

Who is the Gleem toothbrush for?

In the end, the product is the best for those looking for a very affordable electric brush capable of thousands of strokes per minute. With its price barely reaching $20, many will find it an easy purchase. It can even be your gateway electric brush to see if this type of dental cleaning is compatible for you.

Aside from this, it is also good for those who want to travel to places where electricity is not always ensured. With its use of batteries, it is very dependable as long as you have extra batteries with you. Its cleaning performance is constant all throughout the battery life which ensures that you will always have the best results.

However, it is not very recommended for those used with the powerful cleaning performance of rival products such as Oral B and Sonicare even with these two’s cheapest products. This is mainly because of the difference in terms of battery type. 

Also, it is not advised in case you are looking for a wide variety of cleaning styles as this only has one. The good thing is that it can fit almost any user’s needs as it is neither too hard nor too soft in its vibrations.

Gleem final thoughts

The product comes with a single cleaning mode. It is operated with a single triple A battery. It comes with a travel case. It is mainly advised for those who want a simple, battery-operated brush.