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How good are Oral B’s warranty terms?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 3, 2021

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Oral B is one of the most known providers of electric toothbrushes. With them, users are ensured of dentist-approved cleaning techniques and technology which continue to be innovators in its market. Their electric toothbrushes range in terms of product lines including the Genius, Pro, and more. These differ in terms of specific features and usages but are all recommendable for most users. Together with Braun, these brushes are built with long-lasting technology that they continue to improve. Whenever users buy a new electric toothbrush with them, they are automatically given a warranty.


With Oral B, users are given a 2-year warranty automatically upon purchasing a unit. This warranty enables them to have a free repair or replacement of the product as long as the damage is caused by the manufacturer. This includes having faulty features, errors in its cleaning modes, and more. This ensures users that they will always have the best product with Oral B. With then, users can also extend the warranty by up to two or three years. To do this, users simply need to register their product online while it is still under its original warranty period.

What is not covered in the warranty?

The warranty is only for those who will be getting products that were damaged because of the manufacturer’s fault. Because of this, they will not be covering products that only have cosmetic scratches or damages. Aside from this, they will not accept products that have been damaged because of the user’s fault including their improper usage, the product being tampered with, failing to take proper care of the product, or the product being altered. This is because most of these are circumstances outside of the manufacturer’s responsibility. In case the product is damaged because of them, it will be either replaced or fixed for free.

Who is Braun and what do they have to do with Oral B?

In case your product is one of the damaged ones, you may be surprised to be referred to a company named Braun. This is the collaborator for Oral B’s electric toothbrushes. Braun is a German company that is known for their electronics and any issues in regards with these toothbrushes will be redirected to them.

How do I get my toothbrush fixed?

For users with problems with their products, they simply need to visit their Online Repair Service which can be accessed through their website. Here, users can insert their location, their language, and their region. Aside from this, they can also bring the unit to a near Oral B or Braun service repair store that is accredited. They can expect their brush to be returned within 24 hours at least. Users are not guaranteed that they will be given the same exact color of their unit.

Why if my product not listed in their website?

When purchasing a new toothbrush, you may notice that your unit is not yet listed in their website. This is perfectly normal especially if your unit is part of a new product line. For this, users simply need to wait a couple of weeks before they can get more instant information about this. However, if they want quick responses, they can simply contact the website through the Instant Chat option. Here, users can talk with a live chat representative, submit a ticket for support, know more about their current deals, and read more about their products.

Do I need to have a receipt?

Having a receipt is important to make it easier for the service repair center to verify the warranty period of your product. They can still accept it without one, though, but it will be subjected under inspection to see if it can be repaired for free.

What if my product is past its warranty date?

In case the product is already past the warranty date, the user has no option but to pay for the repairs. This is recommended even if the warranty has expired as they already have an expertise in repairing these products.