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Oral B 1000 or 3000 which one is better?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 15, 2021

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In this review, we want to show you the main differences and similarities between Oral B Pro 1000 and Oral B Pro 3000, different electronic toothbrushes from the same manufacturer. Before purchasing the best electric toothbrush, you need to know about its main features and make sure it will suit your needs. Depending on what you are looking for (bigger or lower pressure, several modes, timer, longer battery life) it is best to read this review and choose the best product you will be satisfied with.


Cleaning modes

The Oral B Pro 1000 has only 1 cleaning mode – Daily Clean mode. This mode is designed for both teeth and gum cleaning. You do not have to change the mode to clean your teeth or gums separately. 

The Oral B Pro 3000 has 2 cleaning modes – Daily Clean and Sensitive. If you are more sensitive in this area, you should consider this toothbrush. You can clean your gums by switching to Sensitive mode and feel more relaxed.

Movement Cleaning System

3D Movement Cleaning System Technology is designed in both Pro 1000 and Pro 3000. The 3D movement means that it is moving by Oscillating-Rotating-Pulsating while cleaning. Compared to 2D movement, 3D technology is more advanced because it results in better cleaning on those areas that are not reachable with toothbrush bristles. So-called a non-contact brushing effect is very efficient with dental plaque. 

Pressure sensor

The pressure sensor feature is especially important because it will warn you if you are pressing too much on your teeth and gums. Pain and injury will be prevented. This feature is included in both toothbrushes, with one difference. Oral B Pro 1000 is activated by sound and it will alert you by changing the sound. Oral B Pro 3000 has a visible pressure sensor, and it turns red when the pressure is too strong. If you do not want to be disrupted with higher frequency sound, you should go with Oral B Pro 1000. But if you decide to use Oral B Pro 3000 you must pay attention and do not let your thoughts fly away.


If we want to maintain our oral hygiene and keep it at a high level, we should listen to the experts. And the experts say that the average time needed for teeth brushing is 2 minutes. Sometimes if we expand our brushing time or usually brush longer than we should, injuries may occur. If you do not want to start your stopwatch every time you brush your teeth, a 2 minutes timer is a great choice for you. Both of these Oral B electric toothbrushes have this feature. It is activated with sound changing after 2 minutes. Of course, you can extend your brushing time. The brush will not stop, but keep in mind that a 2 minutes interval is an expert recommendation.


Quadpacer timer is a highly recommended feature. What does it mean? Dental experts suggest that every part of our mouth should be brushed in equal time and that is the reason this timer will inform you to brush the next segment every 30 seconds. Left, right, up, down or the back of the tooth (which is always neglected) will be covered in every brush. Quadpacer timer is integrated with toothbrush timer and syncs with a 2 minutes interval for the best average brushing time.


For the best experience, experts recommend changing the head brushes every 3 months. If you choose to prolong this period, you can – the toothbrush will still work fine, but the results may vary. Oral B Pro 1000 and Oral B Pro 3000 electric toothbrushes are compatible with the following Oral-B brush heads:

  • CrossAction
  • DualClean
  • Sensitive Gum Care
  • FlossAction
  • 3D White
  • Precision Clean
  • Deep Sweep

They are not compatible with iO Exclusive and Pulsonic toothbrush heads. 


If you are more into traveling you should probably consider a toothbrush with a longer life span. Otherwise, if you are keeping your toothbrush at home, there is no bigger difference. Oral B Pro 1000 has a 7-day battery life, while Oral B Pro 3000 is up to 2 weeks or longer. Of course, the battery will last shorter if you are brushing your teeth more than an average time of 2 minutes or more than 2 times a day. 


We agree with you that simplicity is important and highly practical. Especially when brushing your teeth because it is an overly sensitive part of our body and it must be approached carefully. 

The Oral B Pro 1000 toothbrush has a very classic and simple design, yet very sophisticated. The mix of white and blue is referring to the freshness, and the functions are also very transparent with these colors. The head brush is smaller than in some other models, but that is positive feedback – more place to reach and more comfort. It is light and it has slight rubbing over the surface for better handling even when wet. 

The Oral B Pro 3000 is designed with the same color combination, except the front of the handle is all blue. Of course, all buttons and functions are pointed out. The power button is white and the light for different cleaning modes is lightened up when activated.

Both models are waterproof so you can be safe when using them in the shower.


There are just a few differences between Oral B Pro 1000 and Oral B Pro 3000 electric toothbrushes. We would like to point out three main differences to conclude our review. If you are more sensitive, our recommendation is Oral B Pro 3000 because it has a Sensitive mode. The price is a little bit higher and as an additional feature, you will also get a longer battery life span. In another case, Oral B Pro 1000 will be a great fit for you with its Daily Clean mode. One week of a battery life span is satisfying if you are not traveling a lot and do not have a regular place for charging. With its lower price, it has only one brushing mode, but it will be completely satisfactory for an average user.