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Oral B 1000 vs. Oral B 7000

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 23, 2023

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Introduction to Our Oral B 1000 vs. Oral B 7000 comparison

Thinking of getting a new electric toothbrush, or moving on from your manual toothbrush?  Maybe you're having trouble trying to decide between the Oral-B 1000 and the Oral-B 7000, as it can be tough. There are a lot of different marketing messages, features, and things that make it a bit confusing to really find out the differences and what they mean for you and your teeth. Don't worry, we've got a lot of experience with toothbrushes and will explain everything in our head-to-head review. 

 In our review, we will get into greater detail about how these products compare in terms of design, functionality, and price point, helping you choose the right option for your particular situation. We pretty much look at every aspect we can in this in-depth review, so if we miss anything please let us know! If you just want to see our Oral B 7000 review, you can just click here but if you want a comparison keep on reading!

Oral B 1000 VS Oral B 7000 brushing features

The very first thing that we want to take a look at is the actual thing that matters the most in toothbrushes. And that is how they brush your teeth. While you might argue that the difference between these modes are minimal, it is one of the easier things to empirically look at.

Both the Oral-B 1000 and 7000 series have powerful brushes and settings that can clean your teeth well. They both use the same style of cleaning that we come to expect out of Oral B products, and that is the circular cleaning motion. Unlike Sonicare which it is more up and down with high speeds, these rely more on thorough cleaning by circular motions around the teeth.

The Oral-B 1000 has three different modes—Daily Clean, Sensitive, and Gum Care—as well as two minute timers that will help you better keep track of how long you should be brushing each quadrant of your mouth. The Oral-B 7000 series comes with six unique brushing modes . So right there is the big difference.

But this comes down to the question, how many modes do you really need? For us, we used the Oral B 1000, and never really felt that we were missing out on any aspect of teeth cleaning. So while the 7000 has 3 more options we ask you, do you really need them? We get that you might need sensitive teeth so that might appeal to you. But the Oral B 1000 does have the sensitive option. We get that whitening is a faster speed, but could you not just brush a little longer to get a similar outcome? And really, does tongue cleaning need to be an option for your electric toothbrush? We have separate tools for that so how much value does that one add?

Design & Build Quality

Moving on from the various models of electric toothbrushes, let’s look at their design and build quality. We’ll compare the Oral B 1000 versus the Oral B 7000 to get a closer understanding.

The Oral-B 1000 is designed with an ergonomic grip for comfort during use. Its modern design features sleek lines that make it appear attractive in any bathroom setting. The construction is robust enough to take regular use without showing signs of wear or damage. It also has dust-resistant parts, making cleaning easier than ever before. Overall, it looks like an 

Meanwhile, the Oral-B 7000 takes things up a notch with its modern design and robust construction. Its unique ergonomic shape and curves make it even easier to hold. Its overall appearance is quite sleek too, so you can be sure it will fit right into your bathroom decor. Additionally, this model is dust-resistant as well and seems to have a better waterproofing aspect to it. The Oral B 7000 also has a screen on the base of the handle.

You can see that there is a difference between the two models right away. The 7000 is the more modern looking one, and the screen adds a bit of tech to it. So if you care what your toothbrush looks like the Oral B 7000 is probably going to be your choice. 

Cleaning Performance

When it comes to cleaning performance, the Oral-B 1000 and 7000 models both provide excellent results. Both use a 3D oscillating technology that allows for deep cleaning of plaque and bacteria on tooth surfaces. So the thing that it really comes down to is, does one clean better than the other and that is something that is a bit hard to empirically prove.

On the one hand, we can look at the additional modes that the Oral B 7000 offers. We get that they are specific modes of cleaning and that the whitening, also known as Deep Clean, on some of the newer models go. With this mode there is sometimes an extension of the actual timing for the brushing. But it can also increase the speed. So if it comes down to cleaning performance we give this round to the Oral B 7000, but honestly... if you are getting an Oral B you will be using the same cleaning mechanism across their entire line. There might be modifications, but they are all based on the same formula. 

Battery life and charging times

When it comes to electric toothbrushes, battery life and charging times are important. The Oral-B 1000 boasts a 10-day life, but some users have said it lasts only 7 days. There will always be a variation as some people brush their teeth more or less. But for us, at least one week is needed to be considered good for the average person. While the Oral-B 7000 offers a similar expected life, but users have reported a shorter life when using the app and other features, which we will go over shortly. 

In terms of charging time, both brushes require at least 12 hours for a full charge. While this may seem like a long wait, it is not an issue as long as you remember to put them back on the charger when they’re done being used in order to get the most usage out of each cycle.

So, while the Oral B 1000 might last longer, we feel that this section is a tie because they both have similar expected charges.

Smart Technologies and Connectivity Options

This is the first and only real section where one of the toothbrushes wins HANDS DOWN. It is pretty straightforward, as the Oral B 1000 has no Bluetooth connectivity, no app, no nothing. It is an electric toothbrush and that is it. So if that is what you need, then it is perfect for you. 

The Oral B 7000 is a smart toothbrush. It has a nice screen on the handle, it has a connectivity option and it can work with an app. If you love apps, then maybe this is perfect for you. It can track a bunch of aspects that might make your teeth health better. But it comes at a cost, as we mentioned above the connection and screen use more electricity than the model without. The app works on Android and Iphones so if you are looking for an app or smart... brush, then this is the hands down winner. 

If you just want a toothbrush that can do the job without literal bells and whistles coming from your phone app then the Oral B 1000 is for you.

Price Comparison

And now we get to the big factors when we compare these, and most, products. The Oral B 1000 pricing vs the Oral B 7000 pricing.

It is straight forward as they are prices, but a bit hazy as there are some variables. 

The oral B 1000 can be found for around $50, sometimes its on sale or regular priced but we think that this should be the anchored price you are looking for. It comes with 1 toothbrush head, charging base, and toothbrush base.

Now, the oral b 7000 comes with a lot more things, and a higher price tag at around $150. Again, it goes up and down in price sometimes but we look at this as the median price point to be looking for. The additional things that come in the package are :

  • 4 Toothbrush heads
  • a travel case
  • can include a 2 minute timer

So as you can see the travel case is a nice thing to have, the timer we didn't really need as both these models have internal timers. But the toothbrush heads can swing the price a bit. We put the value of those heads at around $15. So with 3 extra toothbrush heads when adding that to the 1000 we would have that cost at about $95.

So if we look at the price of say $95 to $150 we have to ask is the screen, travel case, timer, and app are worth $55 more. Of course, there are additional features, but the truth is that the other cleaning modes aren't a huge selling point for us. So we come down to performance. For us, we ar e a bit rougher on our stuff, we drop toothbrushes, and we didn't see any real huge selling point in the toothbrush.. so we actually would go with the suggestion of the Oral B 1000 based on what your money buys you. If you want bells and whistles, the Oral B 1000 does not have this.... so the Oral B 7000 is a better choice. If you are just looking for an entry level try out for electric toothbrushes the Oral B 1000 wins.

Brush Head Options

Both the Oral-B 1000 and 7000 come with their own set of compatible brush head(s). As we mentioned above the Oral B 1000 has 1 head while the Oral B 7000 has 4! So there is a bit of a difference but that is also seen in the price. The truth is that the heads can be interchanged between each model, so there’s no need to buy separate sets for each one. The various types of material used help ensure that the user gets a thorough yet gentle brushing experience while keeping their teeth shiny and bright!

Replacement brush heads are available in packs of several, depending on the type you want to use. The truth is though, is that with the 4 different heads provided in the 7000, you might only like one so the other 3 aren't great inclusions. With the 1000 you get to choose the next ones that you buy after your first one is done, so with the cheaper option, you get the choice of the next heads you get versus the variety pack that comes with the Oral B 7000. 

Here is a video that shows the different heads that can come with the Oral B 7000 package

It is recommended that you replace your brush head every three months for optimal results; this way, bacteria buildup does not occur and your teeth stay clean and healthy. Brush head replacements are also cheaper for people who may find themselves replacing their brushes often due to lifestyle habits such as smoking or drinking coffee or tea regularly. So ultimately, this is a bit of a tie because you might find the perfect toothbrush head that you get in the variety pack that comes with the 7000, or you might find that you find the perfect one in the Oral B 1000 package and just buy more of them at a reduced price and end up saving money....

Waterproof Rating for the Oral B 7000 vs 1000

This is an interesting question that comes up as it is somewhat up in the air. While some people claim that electric toothbrushes can be waterproof very few makers actually say this. They usually say that they are water-resistant, which makes sense. You can use these models in the shower, but we wouldn't ( nor would many people) suggest taking them into a bathtub. 

These electric toothbrushes usually have lithium-ion batteries, which don't generally like being submerged in water. In all honesty, most toothbrushes don't and this is why none will suggest submerging them. So it is a bit of a tie, because they both can be used in showers, or be exposed to water but neither should be submerged. 

Travel Friendliness

When it comes to travel friendliness, both the Oral-B 1000 and 7000 models offer great convenience. The portable design of each model makes them ideal for frequent travelers who need a reliable toothbrush on the go. Both are easy to store and airline compatible, making them suitable for long trips away from home.

The Oral-B 1000 offers a sleek and lightweight design that won’t take up much space in your luggage or bag. It also includes an ergonomic handle, which makes it comfortable to use during travel. Furthermore, its waterproof rating ensures protection against ( passive ) water damage as we mentioned above,  while you’re traveling abroad.

For even more convenience during travel, the Oral-B 7000 boasts a unique travel case with integrated brush head storage so you can keep your toothbrush clean and safe while on the move. Its wireless Smart Guide display allows you to customize brushing settings depending on where you are in the world, further enhancing its portability and ease of use when traveling.

So with this head to head aspect, there is a definite winner as the Oral B 7000 comes with a travel case and is meant to take with you. The 1000 model CAN be taken while traveling but doesn't have the same protective container included in purchase. You can purchase them separately, which would equal it out but in a head to head comparison the Oral B 7000 wins in this one.

Pressure Sensors

The Oral-B 1000 and 7000 both have built-in pressure sensors, which help detect how hard you are brushing your teeth. This technology is especially important for those at risk of gum disease or receding gums, as it helps to ensure that brushing isn’t too hard or aggressive. The Oral-B 1000 has a basic pressure sensor, while the 7000 model contains an advanced version with more precision detection capabilities. Both models emit pressure alerts if they sense extra force being applied when brushing teeth and gums; however, the 7000 model allows users to customize their settings according to individual needs and preferences.

The final thing that is different between the two pressure sensing options is that the 7000 can have a visual alert, so again we don't really need it but for specific use cases, it might be a great feature that is worth the extra price tag. So if you need that visual alert, the 7000 is your choice but for us, it just isn't worth the additional cost. 

Oral B Warranty

When it comes to warranty considerations, there are not really any differences between the Oral-B 1000 and 7000. They are made by the same company so let’s look at warranty coverage. Both models come with a two-year limited warranty from the manufacturer, which covers any defects in material or workmanship that arise during normal use of the device. 

We have done full articles about how to claim oral b warranty, and the entire procedure and love them for it. They make it easy to get your toothbrushes fixed if they broke through no fault of your own. You can't smash your toothbrush and expect a free one, but there is very little as far as resistance if you file a warranty exchange.

Customer Reviews

When it comes to customer reviews, the Oral-B 1000 and 7000 have a lot in common. Customers give both products high marks for how clean they are, how reliable they are, and how well they work overall. The main differences between the two lie in the features offered.

They do target a bit of different target audiences as one has more features and a higher price tag, but when we looked at the good and bad reviews we found that we would have to leave this one as a tie. Simply because the people who the product was made for seemed to like their respective purchases.

Final Verdict

Having looked at pretty every aspect of these two models its time to move onto making a final decision. To do so, we must compare both devices in terms of value and features.

The Oral-B 1000 offers great value for its price compared to the costlier model, the Oral-B 7000. The latter has more features than the former but is significantly more expensive as well. So if you are looking for an affordable option with basic functions, then go with the former. However, if money isn’t an issue and you want access to high-tech features like Bluetooth connectivity or pressure sensors, then opt for the latter.

When comparing features, it's clear that the Oral-B 7000 has a lot more to offer in many ways. For example, it comes with multiple brush modes, such as gum care mode, along with several other settings like whitening and polishing for better oral hygiene results overall. It also includes a travel case, which makes it easier to take your toothbrush wherever you go without worrying about damaging it. 

BUT, we don't want to leave you with a wishy washy response. The truth is that while we think that the additional features are cool, we just don't think it is worth the price point. If you need the travel case you can buy that separately. If you want the additional heads, you can buy them at a reduced rate later. So we would say that if you can't see yourself using that Oral B App everyday, or the visual alerts on the LCD screen that the Oral B 7000 offers... we think that the Oral B 1000 is the right choice.

As a side note, if you are looking for the Oral B 7000, it has been updated to the Oral B 8000 in some cases. So this comparison still stays true for that model as well. If you want to find another Oral B Toothbrush review, make sure you check out our Oral B 1500 smart review as it was another great breakdown of what they offer and the overall price and value it offers. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the Oral B 1000 and Oral B 7000

Are the brush heads for the Oral-B 1000 and the Oral-B 7000 interchangeable?

The Oral-B 1000 features soft, rounded bristles specifically designed for sensitive gums while also providing an effective cleaning action on tooth surfaces. On the other hand, the Oral-B 7000 has firmer, angled bristles, which provide superior plaque removal compared to its predecessor. Because of this difference in bristle shape and firmness, users can expect better overall results when using either product with its respective brush head. The Oral B also has different options that come in the package which can customize the brushing experience and in turn outcome. 

So now we come back to our initial question—are the brush heads from the Oral-B 1000 interchangeable with those from the Oral-B 7000? The answer is yes; Oral B ensures that their heads are interchangeable so if you find a specific head that you really like you can use it on other models.

Does the Oral-B 7000 come with a travel case?

This model does include a convenient travel case, which makes taking your toothbrush with you easy and hygienic. With roomy compartments for both the handle and the three included brush heads, as well as space for other dental care items like flossers or mouthwash, there will be plenty of room in this stylish travel case for all your oral health needs no matter where life takes you. As we mentioned above, is it worth it for the extra cost or could you get another one cheaper separately? That is really your decision to make.