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Oral B Pro 1000 vs Pro 3000 which is better?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 26, 2021

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Oral B is one of the best companies when it comes to electric toothbrushes. They offer one of the largest varieties in terms of brushing styles, cleaning modes, and brush heads. These, partnered with a high-quality of manufacturing along with newer features developed every year makes them a popular choice among many users. Among their product lines, the Pro series is considered as their budget toothbrush that still offers very good cleaning results for those who are on a budget. For this article, we will be comparing the Oral B Pro 1000 vs Pro 3000.

Oral B Pro 1000

This product is easily their most affordable electric toothbrush. This does not mean a lower quality for the product, though. As seen in its packaging, the brush still has the trademark round brush head of the unit. It comes with the basic cleaning features of the company. At the same time, it offers a very similar cleaning performance with its more expensive counterparts which is why it is popular among many users who want to try using electric toothbrushes but are still not willing to shell out a lot of money.

Oral B Pro 3000

For those with a little more budget, Oral B Pro 3000 is an easy choice. It comes with better hardware because of its higher price which can be seen with additional features and better battery life. Being still a part of the affordable Pro series, it still manages to find a perfect balance between low price and good cleaning performance. This is advised for those who want a step up from the Oral B Pro 1000 with it being a mid-tier option for those who have just the budget for it. It also has the trademark round brush head of Oral B.


Head to Head comparison

Before comparing the two products, users must take note that it is only natural for the Pro 3000 to have more features and better overall manufacturing quality mainly because of its high price. However, it is only advised to create a comparison between the two in case you are on a tight budget and if you want to see if Oral B 1000 is enough for your needs or if you need to pay a little more to have some of the additional features provided by the Oral B 3000. So with cost and features in mind let's get down to the head to head battle between the Oral B 3000 and Oral B 1000

Cleaning performance

When it comes to cleaning, both brushes offer adequate performance to ensure that users will be free from cavities and bacteria build-up.

However, there is a notable power difference between the two, with Pro 1000 generally having weaker vibrations. This does not necessarily translate to weaker cleaning, though, as most will find it adequate for daily cleaning.

The only difference is that the Oral B Pro 3000 would be a better choice for those who will be using a teeth whitening brush head as this will generally need more pressure in order to properly whiten the teeth.

Aside from this, daily cleaning is guaranteed to be effective for both models.

Battery life

For this, there is a great difference between the two products. While both generally take only 2 minutes for cleaning the teeth as recommended by dentists, Oral B Pro 1000 only lasts a week at most when fully charged. In comparison, the Pro 3000 can last a few days past two weeks. This makes it friendly for being carried for trips and travels far from electric sources. This is mainly because of battery capacity provided by the hardware of the brushes. If this is a big issue for you, the Pro 3000 is definitely the better choice.


When it comes to brush heads, both units are capable of using any of the brush heads of Oral B. This means that both can use CrossAction, 3D Cleaning, Sensitive Clean, and more. These brushes come with several packages that differ in terms of the product’s color along with different brush heads.

However, as stated earlier, the Pro 3000 has a more powerful vibration which is why certain brush heads may work more effectively for it.

When it comes to cleaning modes, the Pro 3000 also has more. It has a Daily Cleaning mode and Sensitive Mode while the Pro 1000 only has the former. This may make it friendlier for those who suffer from sensitive gums and teeth.

A good feature of Pro 3000 is the included travel case. This makes it easier to carry the product everywhere because of its adequate protection for the brush head and the unit itself.

Another good feature of the Pro 3000 is a visible pressure sensor which tells you if you are pressing the unit too much to your teeth. This avoids you from possibly destroying the protective enamel of the teeth. While the Pro 1000 also has this, it does not have a visible sensor which is why some may be confused as to why their product suddenly slows down in the middle of brushing their teeth especially if they are still new users.

Both products have a quadpacer which alerts you every 30 seconds to change the quadrant of the teeth that you are cleaning to ensure equal cleaning for all parts of your teeth.

Both have a useful battery level indicator which flashes green when fully charged, yellow when mid-battery level, and red when it needs charging.


In the end, both products are very solid ones that achieves a balance between affordability and cleaning performance. The fact that it can be partnered with almost any brush head of Oral B also makes it very flexible.

However, Oral B 3000 is still a better option in the long run as it has a lot of additional benefits for only a small increase in price. In case you are on a very tight budget, though, and only want the bare features, then we suggest you read our Oral B 1000 review and think about that as your choice. It has more than enough power compared to any manual toothbrush but just doesn't have the additional features of the 3000 ( or the price tag!)