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Oral-B vs Sonicare

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 20, 2021

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3 important things to know when using an electric toothbrush

No matter which brand of toothbrush model you choose for your needs, there are several things you need to know and apply to have the best experience and protect your teeth and gums. 

Pay attention to brushing modes: if you have sensitive teeth and gums, make sure to use an electric toothbrush that has more than one brushing mode. For this exact situation, look for those toothbrush models that offer a Sensitive brushing mode. 

Apply the recommended brushing time: the experts say and recommend that the best results will be visible if you brush your teeth for approximately 2 minutes. Electric toothbrushes are different from the basic ones and brushing your teeth longer can cause teeth and gums injury. 

Pay attention to features: there are few features that will help you to keep your oral hygiene at a high level. Those features are timer and Quadpacer. The timer will be activated with sound or with color changing feature after 2 minutes, and Quadpacer is responsible for alerting you to brush your teeth even from every side. 

Oral-B vs Sonicare

Since these two brands are similar and they both offer a variety of features and products, it is best to separate them into several categories depending on the features they offer. This way you will be able to choose the best toothbrush for your everyday needs. Overall the Sonicare vs Oral B war has been raging for years, so hopefully this breakdown can help you find the best toothbrush for your teeth.


When it comes to brushing technology, Sonicare technology is different from Oral-B Oscillating-Rotating technology. 

Sonicare technology has two main features: mechanical motion and non-contact cleaning. Mechanical motion can be adjusted depending on the brushing mode you have selected. It can be with a higher or lower pressure. Basically, this technology is like brushing your teeth with a non-electric brush because it will move mechanically from left to right. The No-contact cleaning feature is based on vibration technology. With this technology, you will be able to clean your inconspicuous parts of the oral cavity without any contact with the brush tips. 

Oral-B Oscillating-Rotating technology is an advanced technology because of its 2D movement feature. You do not need to move your brush up and down, left, or right because the brush is rotating in different directions by itself.

Basically, the results can be very satisfying from both sides if you correctly use your toothbrush. Depending on which technology suits you better and the sensitivity of your teeth and gums, you can choose between these two brands and their technology. 


There are several features that need to be said and explained within these two brands. 

The number of features within the price: if you purchase a cheaper toothbrush, Oral-B is a better choice. Their cheaper models have: 

  • Up to 4 cleaning modes
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Pressure sensor 

Sonicare also offers these features, but the number and the variety really depend on the more expensive model you choose from their offer. Sonicare is offering up to 8 cleaning modes, but they come with more expensive models. Before you go with the number, think about how many cleaning modes you really need. If considering a family package, the number of cleaning modes can be useful because every family member can choose the best and most appropriate mode for himself.

On the other hand, Sonicare toothbrushes have an Easy-start feature. If you have never used an electric toothbrush, this is a particularly good feature because it will help you get used to a new brushing technology by adjusting the brushing power. 

The Brush Sync feature is a new technology from Sonicare. When using the appropriate Sonicare toothbrush it will be synced with the toothbrush handle. This way the smart technology will keep track of how long you are using your toothbrush (recommended time is 3 months) and improve the pressure feature. There are several toothbrush replacement heads. 

Note: if you do not use a Brushsync toothbrush head, but a regular Sonicare toothbrush head, the above-mentioned features will not function. 

Battery life

All Oral-B and Sonicare toothbrushes are rechargeables. When talking about this feature, the Sonicare battery has a longer life period. The average battery life is 2-3 weeks, while some other models can last up to 5 weeks. 

On the other hand, Oral-B offers a maximum 16-day battery life period. 

If you are not so much into traveling and you are spending more time at home, this should not be an issue. Otherwise, you should consider a Sonicare toothbrush that will last longer but will also cost more. 

Note: the average battery life is calculated by the number of times you brush your teeth during a day since the experts recommend twice a day for the best results. 


Warranty is very important for most users. Both Sonicare and Oral-B offer a 2-year warranty period, with an important difference. Sonicare Power Up Toothbrushes come with a 12-months warranty, while Oral-B offers an extended warranty option for all their toothbrushes. If you register your toothbrush on Oral-B official website, you can extend your warranty for one more year and get a 3-year warranty period.  

Customer support is great with both companies, and both offer online chat, email, and phone call features. The only difference is that Oral-B is available during working days, from Monday to Friday, while Sonicare offers customer support from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. 


Sometimes it is about the philosophy that if you pay more, you will get more. But it does not have to be the case every single time. If Oral-B is your choice, you will get a few more features for a lower budget compared to Sonicare. On the other hand, if you want to have advanced technology, Sonicare and its non-contact cleaning feature will help you clean your teeth from every side without a single touch. This technology is all about vibrations. 

The warranty period is something that will get attention and prevail for many users. Choose wisely because this is going to be your best experience so far.