Oral-B warranty

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Oral B toothbrush with replacement heads


Oral B is one of the best companies for dental hygiene. They are especially known for both their manual and electric toothbrushes which are recommended by a lot of dentists and hygienists because of its innovations in terms of teeth whitening, gum care, and stain removal. The company continues to provide new features to their toothbrushes that make it capable of following specific needs of users. Their popular electric toothbrushes include the Pro, Genius, Smart, and iO series which all have specific designs that make them stand out among competition.

Oral B Warranty

Oral B offers warranty for their electric toothbrushes. Upon purchase, users will be given up to 2 years of warranty. This includes the service cost and the price of return shipping as long as it is returned within the warranty period. This is standard time compared to similar brands which ensures that users will always be given the best quality.

Oral B offers warranty for their electric brushes as this may be prone to experiencing issues because of its additional features such as LED sensors whenever users apply too much pressure, cleaning methods, and more.

Aside from this, users can also visit their website. They have an online FAQ where common questions are resolved. Here, you can look for troubleshooting tips. Their electric toothbrushes are made in collaboration with Braun which is a German brand known for the good quality of their products.

Submitting an online ticket support

In case users are not satisfied with the answers written in the FAQ, they can then submit a ticket support for specific inquiries. For this, users will be required to print a prepaid mailing label. They will also be given a tracking number. This lets you keep track of the product.

Aside from this, the user can also send the product to the nearest Braun or Oral B service center. Here, products that are still under warranty will be fixed. More information will be asked for the user to make the process smoother.

What is included in the warranty?

The warranty has limitations in terms of the products that they accept under their free repair or replacement. Users should ensure that the damage is not a cosmetic damage or something that they have caused. For example, damage that comes from being used too much, from being misused, being tampered with, improper usage, and failed repairs will not be included in the warranty. The product must be damaged because of the fault of the company.

What if my warranty has expired?

For products that have already finished its warranty period, users can still send the product to the authorized service center. However, the repair will be shouldered by the user. A quote will be given to the user for them to approve. This is recommended for those who want to hold on to their older products that only have some issues.

Online chat support

In case you have specific inquiries that you want to be immediately answered, you can also contact the system through the online chat. Here, you will be referred to a live agent who will answer your questions. Aside from this, you can also see the current offers of the brand, find the most compatible electric toothbrush for you, see a full list of their offered products, and more.

Connecting the brush to your mobile phone

Some of the electric brushes of Oral B can be connected to your mobile phone such as the SmartSeries or the Genius series. Here, users can have access to various widgets such as calendar or weather. This application allows users to be guided while they brush by having a timer that lets you switch the quadrant of the teeth that you are currently cleaning as to ensure that you will clean all of your teeth thoroughly. This can be done by connecting the electric toothbrush via Bluetooth.

Can you extend your warranty?

Oral B allows users to extend their warranty by about 2 or 3 years. To do this, they simply need to register their electric toothbrush on this website. Here, users will be asked for the information of their purchase, their personal details, and the specific brush that they are using. The warranty extended here is the general warranty which means that the terms will still be the same. It still excludes free repair for any damage caused by the user themselves.

Why is my electric brush not written in the list of products?

If you are experiencing problems with a newer electric toothbrush, you may notice that your product is not yet listed in the page. For this, you should wait for a couple of weeks for it to be published properly. During this time, users can also head straight for the repair centers. Aside from this, they can also specify it to the online chat service for them to be assisted instantly.

How long will it take?

If you gave the product earlier, you may receive it within 24 hours of repairing.

Is the warranty claim free?

If the product has been damaged because of the manufacturer’s fault, all of the repair will be free. However, if it is outside of their warranty terms, the users will be required for the repair themselves. The latter is also applicable even if it is the manufacturer’s fault if they repair it outside of the warranty period.

What is Braun?

Some users may be confused with Oral B warranty directing their concerns about electric toothbrushes over to Braun. Braun is the collaborating company of Oral B with electric toothbrushes that has expertise in creating electronics. They are based in Germany. This is why it is natural for concerns about their electric toothbrushes to be redirected to them.