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What are the different replacement heads that can be used on oral b devices

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 27, 2022

Electric toothbrush head being used


It is an undeniable fact that an electric toothbrush is a better choice for your oral hygiene than a conventional toothbrush. But there is still one thing that an electric toothbrush has in common with its conventional counterpart. And that is the fact that the brush head would get worn out after some time and you need to replace it. 

But while you need to get a whole new manual toothbrush when that happens, with the electric one, however, you only need to replace the heads. As one of the top brands in the field, Oral B also has numerous toothbrush heads that you could choose from. So which one is the best for you? This brief article would answer that question for you.  

And in case you haven't seen, we do love Oral B in our reviews. They are a huge brand, they have good products and the Oral B warranty is one of the best warranties in the industry.

The best replacement heads for Oral B

No matter what type of Oral B electric toothbrush that you choose, the heads are interchangeable with toothbrush heads from other types of Oral B toothbrushes. All Oral B toothbrushes were designed so that consumers could easily change the heads with one of Oral-B's many toothbrush heads.

When it comes to new toothbrush heads, the best option is still the one that comes from Oral B itself. You could easily find various toothbrush heads from Oral B that suit your particular needs. There may be toothbrush heads from other brands that you like more than the ones from Oral B, but it's highly unlikely that those would fit into your Oral B toothbrush.

Different replacement heads for Oral B
  • CrossAction. This is the type of brush head that usually comes prepackaged with new Oral B electric toothbrushes and by far their most popular one. This brush head features a round shape with oscillating movement and a crisscross bristle that is set at a 16-degree angle. It has been proven to effectively clean 100% more plaque than conventional toothbrushes.  This is one that we have tested when we did the Oral B genius review.

  • FlossAction. This toothbrush head was designed to have the maximum reach compared to other toothbrush heads in this list. With micropulse bristles that have different lengths and softness so that they could reach different places on your teeth, FlossAction would thoroughly clean your teeth.

  • SensiUltraThin. If both of the previous toothbrushes were made for general use, SensiUltraThin was made for those with sensitive teeth. The bristles are softer on the teeth and the gum and it moves with a gentler oscillating movement to make sure a great result while avoiding any kind of irritation.

  • DualClean. This brush head is a hybrid between the round, oscillating brush head at the upper part, and a brush that is shaped like a conventional brush that moves side-to-side at the bottom part. This hybrid design allows for a greater reach and variety than a normal electric brush head.

  • OrthoCare. OrthoCare is a brush head that was designed specifically for those who use a bracelet. A regular brush won't be able to properly clean the teeth with a dental bracelet. OrthoCare, however, was carefully designed to be able to properly clean those teeth.

  • 3D White. Unlike other brush heads on this list, 3D white focuses more on whitening your teeth. It could still properly clean everything, but the design of the brush head was made to thoroughly remove the surface stains and whiten it. To get the maximum result, it is better to use it on one tooth at a time.

  • Kids. As the name implied, this one was made for children. The overall design looks like any other brush head with its round shape and rotating movement. But it is smaller and the brush is also gentler so that it would suit better for the children's needs.

On its official website, Oral B recommends their customers to replace the brush head of their electric toothbrush once every three months. Any longer than that, then the brush would be too worn out and won't be able to properly do its job. 

As mentioned above, you should get a proper replacement brush head from Oral B instead of from any other brand. That is because not only other brands won't necessarily fit your Oral B electric toothbrush, but also even if you found something that does fit, it is hard to vouch for its overall quality. So be sure to regularly replace your brush head and to only use an authentic replacement from Oral B.