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What are the different replacement heads that you can use on your Oral B Electric Toothbrush?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 24, 2021

different electric toothbrush heads


Oral B is a top choice for electric toothbrushes. They are a known dental hygiene company who have created their own set of these products in collaboration with German electronics company Braun. Their most known feature is the round brush heads that they use which stand out among the regular oblong shape of its competitors. With this design, the majority of the teeth’s surface will be cleaned by the users everyday which will ensure that food debris will be removed. 

What are brush heads?

Electric toothbrushes are more eco-friendly as you do not need to dispose of the whole unit every three months. The only part of it that needs constant replacement is the brush head that is also advised to be replaced every three months to ensure that the brush is at top quality and that its bristles will still be useful for removing debris. Because it can be freely removed and attached again, users are advised to try a variety of these brush heads that Oral B offers for them to know which one is more effective for their needs.

What are the different replacement heads?

These replacement heads all have their specialties that may be useful for your specific dental needs.

Gentle Clean 

The first type of replacement head is the Gentle Clean head. This has a simple round design that has a certain curvature which can readily adapt to the teeth and the gum line. It has up to 4000 filaments with high density to give it an effective clean. This is usually advised for anyone who is only starting to use electric brushes as it will help you determine if this is enough for everyday clean or if you need a more gentle or more heavy-duty brushing. 


This brush has a lot of bristles as it is created to be their most advanced brush head. For superior cleaning, it aims to brush every part of the surface and the edge of the teeth thoroughly. These are perfectly angled to ensure that it reaches deep between each tooth. This is aimed towards those who don’t mind having a little bit of force in brushing to have the best cleaning quality from their brush. 


As the name implies, this brush is particularly aimed towards those who want to ensure that every edge of the teeth will be cleaned. It uses MicroPulse bristles which can fit inside the gaps of the teeth with the tiny vibrations without damaging it in the process. This is recommended to be used for those who want to ensure that there will be no build-up of debris in between their teeth. 


For those who want a little more force in their brush and who want a shinier smile, the ProWhite brush is advised. With both advanced and whitening, users can expect a lighter shade within only 2 weeks because of its solid surface stain cleaning.


This brush head is for those who suffer from sensitive teeth and those who want to ensure that their gums will not be swollen. Even if the bristles are softer, the cleaning performance of the unit is still ensured.

Ortho Care

This brush head is especially designed for those who are wearing braces. This brush is designed to go over it to ensure that it will not be damaged while still being able to remove the stains from the surface.


Some of these brush heads have specific brush modes that are best paired with it which is why it is important to take note of the units that can run the specific brush head you want.