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What is an Ionic Toothbrush and are they good ?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 11, 2021

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When an electric toothbrush came around, it was said to be miles ahead of the conventional toothbrush when it comes to cleaning your teeth. As the years go by, the technology surrounding electric toothbrushes is getting more advanced. 

And the promise of being the provider of ultimate dental hygiene keeps getting thrown around every time a brand produces a new model of their electric toothbrush. Yet there's an innovation in town that lots of people, experts and regular people alike, think to be something even better than an electric toothbrush. It is called an Ionic toothbrush. 

So what is an Ionic toothbrush? How does it work? And is it really better than its predecessors? This brief article will answer all of those questions.

What is an Ionic toothbrush?

An Ionic toothbrush is the latest invention that promises to be better than both a conventional toothbrush and an electric toothbrush at cleaning your teeth. This toothbrush implements the Ionic technology into a regular toothbrush to make something new and revolutionary in the world of dental hygiene. 

Ionic toothbrushes combine the design of a toothbrush that has been around for decades with an ionic scientific principle to make something new, refreshing, and never seen before. And of course, the result of this exciting new technology is truly miles ahead of its predecessors.

How does an Ionic toothbrush work?

The plaque on your teeth is positively charged while the teeth themselves are negatively charged. And just like a magnet, opposite polarity charges attract each other while the same polarity pushes back each other. That is pretty much the reason why plaques would stubbornly stick to your teeth. 

An Ionic toothbrush would create a closed circuit charge that is negative in nature. Brushing your teeth with this charged toothbrush would turn your teeth polarity into positive charges. And just like the aforementioned principle, since the positively charged plaque comes in contact with your teeth that now has also been positively charged, they will repel each other. 

Using an Ionic toothbrush might seem less like a toothbrushing activity and more like a scientific experiment on your teeth. But rest assured because the result of this method is guaranteed to work every single time. Because the principle behind the ionic bond is hardly something new, it just finds a new implementation in the field of dental hygiene.

How to use an Ionic toothbrush

Every piece of an Ionic toothbrush has a thin plate of metal that surrounds the handle of the toothbrush. Inside the handle, there's a titanium battery that connects to a titanium rod that runs along the body of the toothbrush. This mechanism is what allowed the toothbrush to be fully charged with negative ions.

When you want to use the toothbrush, you need to initiate the mechanism first. In order to do that, you need to moisten your hand with water. After that, you push the metal rod with your wet hands. This will create closed-circuit electricity and charge the toothbrush. 

And then you could simply use it just like a conventional toothbrush. Brush it evenly along your teeth to make sure the tip of the brush is in contact with every surface of your teeth. That way, all parts of your teeth would be properly charged with the negative ions which turns its polarity to positive.

What're the benefits of using an Ionic toothbrush?

There are three main benefits of using an Ionic toothbrush over any other type of toothbrush. The first one is the ease of use. To use an Ionic toothbrush, you only need to gently brush the tip of the toothbrush across the surface of your teeth. There's no need to use any particular technique or use a certain type of brush head to clean your teeth.

The second benefit is better and cleaner teeth. An Ionic toothbrush utilizes the ionic bonds that form between your teeth, the plaques, and the toothbrush, to repel the plaques. It is not simply rubbing the surface of the teeth, but rather forcing the teeth to push off the plaques through genuine use of chemistry.

The third benefit is healthy gum and nerves. Whether you use a conventional toothbrush or the latest version of an electric toothbrush, it still relies heavily on the friction between the teeth and the brush. While it might help in cleaning the teeth surface, it could also potentially hurt your nerves and gum. That's why a proper brushing technique is very important. 

But that is not the case at all with an Ionic toothbrush. As mentioned before, in order for your teeth to be affected by the negative charges from the toothbrush, all it needs is light contact. Rather than brushing it, all you basically need is to gently swipe it along the surface of your teeth. Therefore, there's no way for your teeth to get hurt

Is an Ionic toothbrush better than a conventional toothbrush?

Yes, an Ionic toothbrush is better than a conventional toothbrush. There have been multiple scientific studies conducted in this regard, such as the one done by J. Deshmukh from the College of Dental Sciences in India or T. Ikawa from the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, just to name a few. 

And the result points to the same conclusion. An Ionic toothbrush has proven to have a significantly higher plaque removal and reducing Gingivitis than a conventional and electric toothbrush. They also found that using this type of toothbrush also improves the user's overall dental health. 

Conclusion, is it worth it to use an ionic toothbrush?

Yes, you should. More people use electric toothbrushes every day in order to have cleaner teeth and better dental hygiene.  But although this device manages to get a better result than a manual toothbrush, it is still far from what we really want to achieve. 

But now an exciting new innovation has come in the form of an Ionic toothbrush. This type of toothbrush doesn't rely on your brushing technique or the type of brushing heads that you use. But rather, it utilizes an ionic chemical reaction to repel the plaques from your teeth. 

Numerous experts have conducted various studies to prove its effectiveness and the results are the same. It is, by far, the most effective and efficient method to clean your teeth. It is better, healthier, and since it is not as bulky as an electric toothbrush, it is also way easier to use. So you should definitely switch to an Ionic toothbrush as soon as possible.