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What is an ionic toothbrush and is it a good choice?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 31, 2021

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Ensuring dental hygiene is a priority for many. After all, trips to the dentist can be very pricey if you are not able to take care of it properly. The good thing is that avoiding pricey surgeries and treatments is easy by brushing every day.

However, ensuring that you have the best cleaning may be harder to do with the traditional toothbrush. After all, not all users exert the same amount of force and use the same technique for brushing. Because of this, cleaning may be inconsistent for many. With this in mind, electrically operated brushes such as the ionic brushes were made.

What is an Ionic toothbrush?

Ionic toothbrushes are still relatively new in the market which is why many users still do not know anything about it. As the name implies, the brushes use ions or charged particles to operate. This means that it interacts with positive and negative charges for cleaning the teeth. Although the technology is still new, it has been proven to be effective and on par with the more-famous electric toothbrushes that are used by many.


How does an Ionic toothbrush work?

The ionic toothbrushes turn the charges of your teeth from negative to positive. Because plaque and tooth build up also has a positive charge, they can then be easily removed from the teeth as similar charges repel each other. Because of this, there would be no need to exert pressure and force to remove these from the teeth. You would only need mild swaying for buildup to easily be removed.

These charges mainly come from a titanium battery inside the unit. This should be charged every now and then for it to continue operating.

Is an ionic toothbrush safe?

Because of its use of charged particles, some may worry about the safety of the product. The good news is that it only uses very minimal electricity. Because of this, users will barely feel it. There would be no numbing or painful sensation when using it. It can even be less painful to use compared to manual and electric toothbrushes which can exert too much pressure on your teeth or even cause your gums to bleed if used incorrectly.


What are its advantages?

The main advantage of this product is that it is smoother for the teeth. With its use of electrical charges, it can easily remove tooth buildup without much pressure. This makes it very friendly for those with sensitive teeth.

These brushes also come with removal brush heads. Because of this, the main unit itself can be kept functional for years as only the brush heads need to be replaced every 3 months.

Ionic toothbrushes are also still affordable in the market compared to electric toothbrushes as it is still newer and comes with less features.

What are its disadvantages?

Compared to electric toothbrushes, these ones have less features to include. Because it does not use too much pressure for cleaning the teeth, it cannot be used for teeth whitening or 3D cleaning. It also uses only a single brush head as of writing as its method of cleaning is straightforward and simple.

In comparison, electric toothbrushes have a lot of features. Some even have Bluetooth connectivity for you to connect to your mobile phone to use a cleaning timer and other widgets. Some also come with advanced cleaning modes that diversify what you can do to your teeth.

Who should use an ionic toothbrush?

Ionic toothbrushes are mainly advised for those looking for excellent cleaning results with minimal pressure to the teeth. These brushes are also very easy to use and can be good for those with limited mobility as less pressure will be needed for the teeth. These products are also safe to use and can be advised for children. The brush’s price is also a good middle ground between the more affordable traditional brush and the more expensive electric toothbrush.

In case you need more advanced features, electric brushes are still more recommended. In case you are still more comfortable with applying just the right amount of pressure for your teeth, traditional brushes are more recommended.


Ionic toothbrushes operate with the use of charged particles. It converts the charge of your teeth to positive to make teeth buildup easier to remove. It is safe to use and is advised for all age groups. It does not rely on pressure which makes it safe to use for sensitive teeth. With it being still relatively new in the market, it is quite affordable and can be a good investment for everyday dental hygiene.