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Homedics Shiatsu Full Foot Massager Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 9, 2021

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Homedics’ Shiatsu Foot Massager is an excellent product for its price. It comes with multiple massaging features that allows excellent performance for every use of the product. Following the Japanese massage technique, it incorporates heat and deep kneading for the best circulation.

Homedics is a company based in Michigan. They have been in the business for over 30 years. They continue to release various lifestyle products geared towards those looking for reliable products that stand the test of time even with affordable pricing. The Homedics Shiatsu is an excellent choice for those looking for a massager with a lot of features. It also features a unique design that some users may prefer.


Product design

The product comes with a flat, shiny surface. In contrast with other foot massages, it does not need to cover the whole foot and cover it with cloth to use. This makes it easier to clean and much cooler to the feet. Instead, users simply need to place their feet on the salt which contains multiple massager nodes and rotational heads.

The product comes with 4 rotational heads, 2 for each foot. These contain a total of 10 smaller massager nodes. This moves opposite to each other when the machine is on. This allows a lot more circulation for the feet. It aims to stimulate deep-kneading fingers. Upon testing, we found it to be very effective for relaxing the feet muscles and allowing better circulation. However, users may occasionally slip out of the product especially if they become too relaxed.

The product is durable and solid. Upon testing, we can see it capable of working for at least 5 years with proper usage.


The product comes with intuitive controls that everyone can instantly get familiar with. With them, you can press the machine using your toes. Here, you can select the temperature and massaging mode. As the name implies, the product is inspired by the Shiatsu massaging method which comes from Japan. This incorporates heat and deep massaging to provide relief for the teeth. This allows adequate blood flow. Compared to similar products that use the same massaging technique, the product was able to meet expectations with its performance.

Upon testing, its buttons were easy to respond to. They also felt stable and durable. Overall, the product is easy to control.

Do we like it?

The Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massager has a different model compared to similar products. It is simply a flat slat of metal instead of one where users can snugly fit their feet inside a small compartment. The positive side is that it allows a cooler experience as the mentioned other type of products tends to cause the feet to sweat especially if it incorporates heat to the experience. The downside to the product is that it may be awkward to position the feet properly in case you get too relaxed. The lack of a remote also means that you would have to adjust its settings using your toes.


Homedics Shiatsu Foot Massage provides a good massaging experience with its incorporation of heat and deep-kneading techniques to provide good blood circulation and muscle relaxation to the feet. Its design may be a make or break, depending on the user’s specific expectation. In case you are complete okay with its design, the product is definitely a recommend because of its multiple massaging features, its durable design, and its affordable price. At $49.99, many users will find good value for their money.