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Osaki OS-4000 Overview - Should you buy this massage chair?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated August 8, 2019

osaki os-4000 massage chair cream color

Massage chairs are no longer seen as an expensive whim and more and more people acknowledge their benefits. While a massage chair is indeed a pricey investment, it is one that pays off in the long run.

Why get a massage chair?

Massages are both relaxing and helpful for our health, both the physical and mental one. They have a lot of benefits on our body: they reduce muscle pain and tension, they improve your blood flow, they help reduce stress and anxiety, they improve sleep and much more.

You might be skeptical about getting a massage chair, because you worry it might not be able to replace a skillful, HUMAN therapist. But you should know technology has improved tremendously over years and massage chairs nowadays come really close to that. They can provide various massage techniques: Shiatsu, Swedish, tapping, kneading, rolling and more. They are highly customizable and let you adjust the settings for intensity, speed and so on.

A massage chair saves you a lot of trips to the massage therapist and gives you the opportunity to get a massage 24/7, in the privacy of your home.

Osaki OS-4000 Overview - Is it a good massage chair to consider?

The OS-4000 is a premium full body massage chair with an elegant design and a lot of smart features. It is commercialized by Titan World LLC, a large supplier based in Texas.  

The chair has an S-Track design, which is ergonomic as it can follow several spine shapes. It comes in 3 colors (cream, black, brown), which makes it easier for you to pick a color that matches your decor.

How much does it cost?

On Amazon, you can order the OS-4000 for $1,700, with free shipping included.

What are the features of the OS-4000?

The OS-4000 is a Zero Gravity massage chair, with 2 stages of zero-gravity, capable of reclining to 30 degrees.

The chair has a smart computerized full body scan feature that runs the first time you sit on it. The purpose of the body scan is to adjust itself according to your body length, spine shape and so on.

There are 8 built-in presets with the OS-4000: circulation, healthcare, smart, demo, relax, neck & shoulder, lumbar, full air. There are also 6 masage techniques you can choose from: Shiatsu, Swedish, rolling, kneading, tapping and combo.  

The OS-4000 has a timer that can be set between 5 and 30 minutes.

In terms of speed and intensity, there are 5 levels to choose from.

The OS-4000 is also equipped with seat vibration massage and lower back heat therapy. There are also 38 air bags located in all the important areas, to give you a complete air massage, very close to the human delivered one. The airbags are placed as it follows: 2 for shoulders, 2 for the low back, 3 for the neck, 3 for the hip, 6 for feet, 6 for the side seat, 8 for the arm and hand and 8 for the calves.

The OS-4000 comes with two controllers: a small, wireless remote control and the built-in controller on the chair.

The OS-4000 is a very complex massage chair, with a stylish, attractive design and all the important features necessary for getting a deep, full body massage.