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GreatCall Review – Should you choose this medical alert service?

Cristina Avatar By: Cristina | Last updated December 13, 2019

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In case of an emergency, one cannot guarantee that he/she will be able to immediately ask for help. This is why an emergency medical alert system is important and can be of great use.

GreatCall is a great medical alert system that mixes both convenience and innovation for maximum use. It offers a lot of features and apps. It is also designed to help seniors who are more prone to sudden health emergencies. It has features that allow you to constantly track the activities of a loved one in a portable and comfortable way. 

To ease the use of the system, GreatCall is specifically designed for mobile devices. These applications can be used to pair with another phone. Through this, a family member can constantly keep track of a loved one and immediately come to their aid in times of need.

There is also an activity tracker function that can be enabled if the user is comfortable with the idea. 

There is no contract required for using the service, which makes it an even easier buy. 

To signal its users, GreatCall uses special devices such as a smartphone or a flip phone. They are called either a Jitterbug Smart or a Jitterbug Flip. To lessen the intimidation that comes with using newer technology, the smartphone is designed to have a large screen along with easy-to-read icons that can instantly be clicked in case of an emergency. It also comes with a voice-typing feature that can easily translate voice into text. 

The flip phone device has a special dedicated button for contacting the call center.

Along with these, you also get wearables: a pendant and a watch, which offer fitness tracking, health monitoring, and fall detection.

All of these devices are integrated into the internet for an easy connection for those who will be responding to the emergencies. The devices also come with an Urgent Care Application that lets you speak to either a doctor or a nurse available on a 24/7 basis. There is also a GreatCall link application that can be used to contact family members and caregivers.