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What are the benefits of LifeStation?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated July 5, 2019

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Medical alert systems are a great solution for seniors who want to remain independent but safe, without constantly needing a caregiver by their side. As we get older, our muscles and our entire body are getting weaker, so nasty falls can take place when we least expect it. Not everyone has their family watching them on a constant basis and not everyone affords a caregiver. Besides, just because you are getting older, it doesn’t mean you should be seen as a disabled, needy person.

Medical alert systems are great because they are portable and won’t inconvenience you in any way. They can come in the form of a bracelet, wristband, pendant, necklace. The fact that there are a variety of systems out there to choose from is a great benefit as well. You can opt for a landline-based system that connects you to the center through your home telephone, you can opt for one that works via your mobile phone or even for systems that have a built-in GPS, so you don’t even have to carry your phone with you.

LifeStation - What are its benefits?

LifeStation is a company from New Jersey and it manufactures medical alert systems.

They offer all the types of medical alert systems you might need: landline or non-landline based, indoor and outdoor systems and mobile-ones with GPS. Regardless of the system you opt for, LifeStation also offers a fall detection button, for an additional cost.

What is the price of LifeStation?

LifeStation offers monthly, quarterly and annual plans. The longer the period you opt for, the lower the price.

The monthly plan is priced at $29.95/month.

The quarterly plan is priced at $27.95/month.

The annual plan is priced at $25.95/month.

These prices are for the most basic system, but there are 3 in total, so you can opt for another one.

You can choose between In Home Traditional, which works with your home telephone, In Home Plus, which works without a traditional landline and the Mobile with GPS system, which is great for seniors who go outside a lot. This system can identify your location through the built-in GPS.

The benefits of LifeStation

The fact that LifeStation has a Mobile system with built-in GPS is a great benefit for those who are more outdoorsy and want to be able to take off on their own and still feel safe. Assistance is literally one button away.

The pendant offered by LifeStation has a range of 500 feet, which should be enough to cover most homes.

The pendant is waterproof, which is another good thing.

LifeStation verifies its systems on a weekly basis by connecting with their monitoring center to ensure your device functions properly.

The LifeStation system has a built-in battery that will last for up to 32 hours.

The LifeStation medical alert system is easy to install and the entire process takes under 5 minutes.

LifeStation has well trained, CSAA certified care specialists, which ensures you’ll get the proper assistance in case of an emergency.