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New Bitdefender Anti Virus review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 17, 2021

Antivirus program scanning computer


Without a proper antivirus and cybersecurity application, users are constantly at risk whenever they browse the internet and download data from it. This is because malicious files are now hidden in various ways that makes it harder to detect and makes it easier to accidentally see it as a safe file. Once these files enter your system, it may spread itself to all of your files and cause the PC to be slower and buggier than ever. Once this happens, it may be harder to delete it from your system which is why it is important to have a security application to prevent this.


Who is Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a known antivirus application that has been operating since 2001. They continuously release cybersecurity applications that help users prevent dangerous files from entering their PC and corrupting its files. Bitdefender is among the best antiviruses in the market because of their continuous innovation of their features to help it secure the user’s PC against these harmful files. Windows users will not be disappointed with Bitdefender 2021. Currently, it has both a free and a paid version that varies lightly in terms of features.


What's in the Anti-Virus program?

Bitdefender’s antivirus protection is a reliable feature that is known to be able to detect almost all malware in the internet. With them, users can prevent viruses, rootkits, and potentially unwanted applications from the user’s hard disk.

The security it provides to the computer depends upon the specific malware that attacks it. For example, ransomware are files which lock your files until you pay the hacker to retrieve it back. For this, Bitdefender creates backups of your files so that you can still access it even if the ransomware attempts to steal it.

Security tools

The application can help you be safe while you browse the internet. As long as the application is open while you are browsing, it can help you prevent yourself from being a victim of phishing. To do this, users will be prevented from sharing their private data and credit information. This also blocks out dangerous websites to ensure that you will not click them. This protection is also applied for the documents you have along with the links inside them.

Aside from this, the application also secures your credentials whenever you shop online which makes you especially vulnerable to hacks from those who may want to steal your card info. This keeps you safe from keyloggers and hackers. This also ensures that you will be warned in case you try to access websites that are known to be unsecure.

The application also has a feature called the Webcam Filter which ensures that your webcam will not be used without your permission. This is to prevent hackers from spying on you without your permission. Aside from this, it also lets you choose the specific apps which can have access to your webcam.

It also has a password manager where you can store all of your passwords for the websites you visit so that you will be able to insert it quickly. This storage is very secure to prevent data leaks. You can also set up password databases to further secure your information.

With the application, users can start a vulnerability scan which looks for the parts of your Windows computer that can be taken advantage of by a hacker. This scans through your Wi-Fi settings, your Windows update history, and more. By updating these apps, you can ensure better computer performance and less vulnerability.

Other features

Aside from these, the application also offers Parental Controls which can help you block content that your child may visit. It can also be used for device tracking. Next, it has a feature compatible for Microsoft and Thunderbird email to filter out spams. The application can also be used to trace missing devices such as a Mac, Android, or Windows gadget.

It also has a firewall which can help you block out certain IP addresses.