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Who has the best internet security for 2021?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 7, 2021

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Having an internet security application is important for protecting your information online. After all, there is a lot of data that may be gathered by other users without your consent. With these applications, users can prevent themselves from being victims of identity theft and online security crimes.


Our first choice – BullGuard

BullGuard is an antivirus program that has a lot of capabilities for providing all-around computer security. This includes basics such as antivirus capabilities, vulnerability scanners, and URL filtering but also comes with premier tools such as performance boosters. It was created and continuously developed by the company of the same name that is based in London. Aside from this application, they are also known for having a separate VPN application which shows that they have all-around technology for giving security for their users. They also take pride in their Dynamic Machine Learning technology that is used for detecting new online threats.

For online security, they have a separate package called the BullGuard Internet Security. This gives users plenty of tools for ensuring online privacy. When we did our in depth research of the best security providers for the internet we found that in our Bullguard review they surpassed the competitors in many different areas.

The most important part of this is the firewall that is responsible for being the primary defense of the computer against online threats. They also have a parental control tool that is best used for those who share gadgets with their children. Next, they have their own secure browser that is used for those who are quite susceptible to accidentally clicking websites with viruses and spams. It also gives users a cloud-integrated backup so that they can return to an earlier version of their computer if they accidentally cause their files to be corrupted. It also has support for both Mac and Android devices.

Users can also pay more to have access to the BullGuard Premium Protection plan that even raises the security level given to you. This gives an identity protection feature in collaboration with known credit company Experian as to instantly inform you about dropping credit scores and risks within your profile. This also notifies you in case your identity has been stolen and is being sold in the dark web which is hard to access without much technological knowledge. The information that can be protected includes your passport details, social security number, and more.

The whole service also comes in a very well-designed interface that can make its abundant features easy to browse through and to use every day. This, along with the abundant and high-quality security tools they offer, makes it our number one choice for internet security.

Our second choice – Kaspersky

Kaspersky is another excellent choice that only took second place because of its pricing. The product was created by the Russian company of the same name. They are also known for their antivirus application that was released in 1998. They are consistently given praise by customers for their reliable security that they continue to improve.

With their online security service, users are given award-winning service that is available for PC, Android, and Mac. One of their highlight tools is the free VPN service that allows you to hide your IP address while browsing online. This helps in making you anonymous while online which is a good tool to use if you are doing transactions involving money. However, this is only limited to 300 MB per day which means that it is not recommended to be used throughout your whole web browsing.

Another highlight feature is the Webcam Protection tool that adds more security to it to prevent unauthorized access to it. The application also has a safe money browser where users can do their transactions safely as it will be encrypted to make it hard for hackers to get access to your credit tools.

It also provides anti-virus protection for the computer. Although some tools are only available for Windows, most users for Mac and Android will find the tools to be sufficient for protection. First, it has a real-time antivirus that scans for any signs of spyware, rootkits, and Trojans that may be present in the storage. Next, it also has an automatic exploit prevention that prevents the operating system from crashing because of exploits. The application will instantly alarm you in the presence of these harmful files in your PC.

It also has a two-way firewall that makes it especially hard for hackers to penetrate through your defenses. You can also see the different inbound and outbound connections that are present in your computer.

In case you are unsure of the links that you see or are e-mailed to you, Kaspersky can be used to see if the link is safe or not. This will be based on their database records that keeps track of potential harmful links.

Our third choice – Panda Security

Panda Security was created by a Spanish cybersecurity company that also specializes in security and online products. The service has an all-around security provided that ranges from simple virus protection up to a premium all-around security that involves online security. It also ranks lower on our list because of its high price.

Their services are divided into four tiers namely: essential, advanced, complete, and premium.

All of these offer Wi-Fi protection against hackers that can be ensured with the use of a secure firewall that manages inbound and outbound connections. Next, all of their plans also offer a protective scan for viruses and malware for both the storage of the computer and even external drives.

Starting from the advanced plan, users can have access to the personal data protection feature which makes it harder for hackers to gain access to your data. It also has a parent control tool that can help parents ensure their children’s safety while using the internet.

Next, the complete plan gives additional performance boost with the use of the PC optimizer and tune-up tool which is especially helpful for gaming PCs.

Lastly, they have a premium plan that gives utmost security for the PC. First, it has a VPN that is usable for PCs, Mac, and Android which gives users a lot of security. This makes their online transactions anonymous. They also have an update manager that looks for applications that have newer versions and updates them for you. They also have a 24/7 available customer support so that your questions about their features will be instantly answered. We have do many different reviews on antivirus programs and thought that Panda did pretty well, as third best in the world is nothing to scoff at.