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Does DriverFix cost money ?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 12, 2021

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DriverFix is an application that can easily update the drivers of your computer with just a couple of clicks. Instead of having to check your Hardware Manager for the condition of your PC, look for its most updated versions, download it to your PC, and install it yourself, the application can do all of this with minimal use effort. This convenience and the speed that it provides make it a good option for many users who want to save time in updating their computer. It also comes with a free version for users who want to try the application.

What can DriverFix do for free?

The free version of the application gives you access to the scanning process. Through this, the user can see the different drivers of the PC that is no longer updated. Complete information about them including the name of the manufacturer, its current version, and the specific hardware part it is used for will be shown. Through this, users will no longer need to check for the outdated drivers themselves. After all, the information for this will be provided in a single comprehensive list that can easily be understood by users. We did a full review for DriverFix and found it was by far the best option if you have a bunch, or older, drivers that might be hard to find.

What does DriverFix do for its licensing fee?

The best thing that you can get from its paid version is its updating process. Through this, the whole driver updating can be done with just a couple of clicks. After the application scans your computer, it will then download the driver. These will then be installed to your computer. The whole process only takes minutes to finish depending on the number of drivers to be installed and your internet speed. With this, the whole process will be very convenient and will not take much of your time.

More DriverFix features

Aside from this, the paid version also has a lot of applications that makes it a worthwhile purchase.

First is the big online database that they have. Here, users can have access to more than 18 million drivers which can be downloaded to your computer. These are genuine files that can help you restore computer performance. They are not viruses or any type of malware. Users can thoroughly scan this with security apps to be sure, too. These drivers can then be used to improve the condition of your hardware and to remove any bugs, glitches, and incompatibilities with applications.

Next, the paid version also has a driver backup. Through this, you can have an original copy of all the drivers that are currently installed in your computer. In case an error forms when you download a new driver or if you prefer the older version, you can simply download and install it back through the backup created by the application. These are compressed in a zip file that minimizes its overall storage and makes storing it in your hard drive easier. The backup process is very reliable and does not damage your software in any way and DriverFix is very safe due to this process.

Next, the application comes with a schedule manager. Users are advised to continuously update their drivers at least every month as the manufacturers of the hardware parts always update their drivers to make their products more viable to newer applications. It also ensures that any errors and bugs will be solved. Through the schedule manager, the user can ensure that the application will automatically update their drivers every week, month, or time frequency that they prefer. This makes it possible to still receive good performance even if the user themselves forget to update the drivers of the computer.

What can DriverFix do for your system?

With the free version, you can still improve the performance of the computer by ensuring that you manually download a genuine driver to your computer. Through this, the hardware is ensured to be fixed for any issue that it has. This is even more ensured and more convenient to do with the paid version, though.

Once you update your drivers, you can generally expect faster computer speeds. Any issues such as bugs you encounter are also ensured to be solved in case the manufacturer was able to improve this.


We definitely recommend users to purchase the product instead. This is especially for those who are not that knowledgeable with computers and also for those who want to save time in doing so. After all, the paid version can scan, download, and install the drivers to the computer with only minimal effort from the user.

However, the free version is still recommended if you only want a driver scanner to avoid having to check the current driver of each hardware yourself, so even if you don't decide to buy a license key DriverFix can help you. It won't do the work automatically for you, but it will point you in the right direction.