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Driver Easy Features - Our hands on review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated January 16, 2023

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Ensuring the best computer performance is easier said than done. After all, there are a lot of software and hardware parts that need constant updating and maintenance for the best speeds. This is especially hard for amateur users who do not want to spend much money on the help of expensive computer technicians. 

One of the key parts that are often forgotten by users to maintain is the drivers. The computer uses these files to connect the software to the hardware. This means it is very useful for running your printer, keyboard, audio devices, and internet connection.  This is why many people get an automatic driver updating program on their system. They never again need to worry about finding the right driver, troubleshooting a corrupt driver, or anything else. Just plug in the equipment, and let the Driver Updater do its job.

We have reviewed Driver Easy and its features, so if you are thinking of saying goodbye to hunting down the right driver for your system, check out why our editors liked Driver Easy here.

What is Driver Easy?

Driver Easy is an application created by Easeware Technology that has been around since 2009. The company is certified by AppEsteem and Norton. 

The application is designed to make the driver updating process fast and easy. Users can achieve optimal computer performance and better hardware with just a couple of clicks. Aside from this, the application has many additional features that can make this process safer and faster. The application has a free trial and a paid version.

Large Database of drivers

To be able to optimize any computer, Driver Easy has more than 8 million driver files in its online database. This is available upon downloading the application. To install the drivers in your computer, the application only needs to do a thorough scan upon first usage, where it will check for any drivers that are too old and not updated. After this, the application will replace these entries with the appropriate files to achieve its best performance.

The application can also detect any drivers that are faulty, along with the devices that are disconnected from the computer. By updating its drivers, users can expect it to become functional again.

An important thing to note is that these drivers are certified by Windows Hardware Quality Labs, which means that these are valid and safe for your computer.

Easy to use interface

The application is mainly geared toward amateur users. Even with this, it is still very useful for expert computer users who want to save time while updating their computer’s drivers.

Because of this, the application has a very light and minimalist interface that is very easy to browse through. To update your computer’s drivers, you only need to do a couple of clicks which makes it very easy to use. Most importantly, the application tells you exactly what the drivers are updating in your computer to have more transparency. This shows that the application is very trustworthy which is an important feature for an application that will be given to your computer’s files.

Automatic restore points

A very important feature of the application is its ability to create restore points. These serve as safeguard measures by creating a copy of your current computer settings at a certain point in time. In case the driver updates you install become corrupted, or if you dislike its newer version, users can simply revert to an older version. This ensures that the application will never cause a complete system error that can worsen the computer’s status. This is an important measure that any software-modifying application must have, as there is always a possibility that any update or modifications can cause harm for the PC.

Quick driver updates

Even with its major effects on the computer, the application only takes about 4.8% of the CPU, meaning it won't slow your system down when you run it and update your drivers. It can be run on both 32 and 64-bit Windows PCs.


Driver Easy is an easy-to-use driver updating application which contains millions of available drivers to install the current ones in your PC for the best performance. These are contained within an interface that users can easily navigate through which makes it very beginner friendly.