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Driver Easy features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 8, 2022

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When it comes to updating your drivers, it is much more efficient to use driver updater software than updating your drivers manually. This type of software would make the whole process much more accurate and convenient for you. 

One driver updater software that has been getting more popular recently is Driver Easy. It was developed by a company called Easeware Technology Limited. It was launched in 2009 and has received the Microsoft Partner Gold Application Development. 

It has been continuously improved since its inception to the point of Driver Easy becoming one of the best driver updater software in the market. In this brief article, you will find out all about its features and capabilities. But we wondered if its features make it worth downloading and running, so we tried it ourselves. Find all the features we found in our review and our final conclusion about the software at the end. As you might have seen in our DriverFix review, we don't have anything against these tools as they can save you time which is what we all want, right? 

What is an Driver updater?

Alright, so the first thing we really have to figure out is what a driver is, as this will answer the main question of a driver updater and its need. The easiest thing that we could think of is if someone gives you a cool new present, say a new phone, but it needs a passcode to open and work. That is pretty much what a driver is, as it is software that allows your computer to access the software and work together. At it's most basic core, a driver allows the two pieces of hardware to work together. This is often why you see a driver message pop up when you connect a new mouse, camera, or something like that to your computer.

So now we know what a driver is, it makes sense what an automatic driver updater would do, right? It is a piece of software that automatically finds the driver that is needed for your operating system and the peripheral to work together. Now you might be thinking, do I really need to install software to find a driver and install it for me? Well, when you look at it like that the answer would be no... but that isn't reality. The truth is that drivers are actually always being updated, so you would need to find the right ( and most current) one for your specific OS and go install that. To put it into perspective... Driver Easy can automatically update your system from its database, which has 8 MILLION DRIVERS in it. So to say that you will probably save time by using this type of software is an understatement for most users.

Now, this issue doesn't impact current Windows systems as badly as the last one as many times it will automatically actually install the required drivers. Still, for older systems, you might have to go and find them yourselves manually. So again, it isn't mandatory to use this software, but if you value your sanity and time, it might be a good thing to check out.

Features of Driver Easy
  • Detects all missing, outdated, and mismatched drivers. The first step that Driver Easy would perform is deep scans. It will scan for every missing, outdated, and mismatched driver and give the appropriate updates for each of them. The speed of the scans may vary depending on your particular PC, but on average, it would take less than a minute to complete the whole scanning process. 

  • One-click download and install drivers. Once all the appropriate drivers have been found, they will be listed in the dashboard of Driver Easy. You could choose to download and install every single one of them manually. Or you could simply click their "Update All" button, and Driver Easy will download and update all of your drivers for you. 

  • Offline scan. You could choose the offline scan feature if you cannot connect to the internet during the scanning process. This feature allows you to find all the drivers you need and download them whenever you can access the internet. 

  • Scheduled scans. Driver Easy also allows you to create custom-scheduled scans so you won't have to manually scan your PC for any new updates. With this feature, you can automate the whole process and it will notify you whenever there's a new update available for your drivers.

  • Automated drivers backup. There's a chance that after you update the driver, more problems seem to arise suddenly. Several things could cause this, such as incomplete installation, corrupted files, etc. You could simply refer back to the previous version when issues like this occur by automatically backing the drivers before each update. 

  • Automated system restores point. To add another level of security to your system, Driver Easy can automatically create a system restore point before updating your drivers. Unlike a backup, a restore point would bring your whole system back to its state when you created the restore point.

  • Drivers for unplugged devices. Driver Easy can find updates for the drivers of any unplugged devices, such as a printer, loudspeaker, etc. If you update the drivers for these devices, they will be able to perform flawlessly whenever you plug them in again in the future.

  • Uninstall drivers for removed devices. Driver Easy can uninstall drivers for removed devices on the opposite side of the previous feature. For example, the DVD player you recently removed from your CPU still leaves its drivers behind. Leave it alone, and it would cause all kinds of bad things. Driver Easy could find those sorts of drivers and remove them properly.
Benefits of using Driver Easy
  • Affordable. You can choose from two main Driver Easy versions: the free and the paid version. As the name suggests, although limited in its capabilities, you could use the free version free of charge. For the paid version, there's the pro plan for $29.95 for 3 PCs and the Technician plan for $99.50 for 50 PCs. All of them are a license for one year. 
  • Easy to use. True to its name, Driver Easy was designed to be easy to use. The layout of the software, the navigational menu, and the overall aesthetic, all of it was designed to improve the user experience as much as possible.
  • Excellent support. Whenever you encounter any kind of trouble when using Driver Easy, you can simply browse through the FAQ section on their website. If you still need further support, you could always contact them through their contact form or emails and even call them.

An up-to-date driver is a key to a healthy PC and a way to avoid the frustrations of your new toys not working with your computer. And driver updater software is the tool you should use to make the whole driver updating process much faster and easier. Driver Easy is one of the best in the market regarding driver updater software. As you can see above, Driver Easy offers some of the most essential and useful features. Not only that, it is also affordable and easy to use. 

So, if you find yourself struggling with drivers and getting your new peripherals working and are tired of looking for an easy way to get it working quickly, we would suggest you try downloading this program. If you want to find the drivers, the more power to you manually, but sometimes in life, it is just easier to click a couple of buttons than find the files online yourself. Is it worth it? That depends on you, but for us we think the program's quality is good enough to try out at the very least.