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Driver Genius Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 25, 2021

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The drivers of the computer are responsible for keeping the hardware and the software connected. These are files stored in the hard drive which is continuously updated by its manufacturers to ensure the best performance. Without it, parts such as the printer, audio card, and the video card will not be functional at all.

These can be updated using the Control Panel tool for Windows users. However, this may take a long time as the user will need to look for the status of each driver, look for its latest version, and then download and install it.

Driver Genius

Driver Genius is an application which simplifies this process. With the application, users can simply launch the app, allow it to scan for the PC’s drivers, and then update each one-by-one. Users are only required to do a couple of clicks and then simply do other activities while this app fixes the drivers.

The application is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. The application has a free trial version, a professional version, and a platinum version, its differences explained later in the article.

Driver Genius Features

The main purpose of Driver Genius is to simplify the process of updating the drivers. To do so, users simply need to download the application and then install it. After this, users needs to start a scan of their computer wherein the application will look for the drivers which are still not updated. The scan only takes a couple of minutes to finish.

After this, a list of all these drivers will be given to the user. Information such as the hardware which it will be used for, the name of its manufacturer, and the date when it was updated will be shown. Users simply need to click the “Update All” button.

Aside from updating it, users can also choose to roll-back a driver back to an older version. This might be because of a variety of reasons such as the need to make it compatible with an older application or due to an issue while it is used.

Driver Backup

Backing up a driver is the process of creating a copy of it that will be stored in a folder of the user’s choice. Users simply need to select which drivers will be made a backup and select what type of backup it will have (ZIP Archive, Self-extracting Archive, or Auto-installer archive). 

Driver Restore

After being able to backup the drivers, the user can then use this in the future in case they want to restore these. This can be done using the restore tool. Users simply need to look for the document where they have stored the backup copy of the driver and then reinstall it to make it usable again.

Driver Cleanup

The drivers of the computer can take gigabytes of data. This is because it has a lot of system settings configured for each PC. However, drivers can be unusable in the future in case the hardware it is used for is replaced by the user. In this case, the driver may remain in the computer as a junk file.

The driver cleanup tool is used to delete unused drivers in the computer.

System optimizer

Driver Genius also has a feature available for the Platinum version users called system optimizer. Much like a separate optimizing application, this tool configures the settings of Windows as to allow the best performance from the PC. It does this by optimizing processor resource, closing unresponsive programs, and more.

Different versions

First, Driver Genius can be used by a user for a temporary time period using the free trial that can be availed through their website.

Driver Genius also has a Professional version which can be used by up to 3 PCs. This gives unlimited access to the application.

Lastly, it has a Platinum version which adds a system optimizer and disk speed improvement feature.


Overall, Driver Genius is a pretty good program. It has a nice sized database and found a lot of out of date drivers. It is a pretty easy to use progam, but does require a bit more digging to find out exactly what needs to be updated and how to do it. If you want more information we suggest reading our Driver Genius review to see what else we found out about this product.