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DriverFix a scam or legit program?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 9, 2021

Driverfix finding out of date drivers


The drivers of the computer play a big in its operation. It allows the hardware to be recognized by the computer. This is what makes keyboards, mouses, and monitors to work. This is why it is important to be always updated by the user for better computer performance and for more system stability. However, doing this process manually is very hard for many users. After all, they would have to manually see the current driver version of each part of the hardware, check if this is the most latest, and then download and install the latest ones if needed. Some people have asked if DriverFix is safe or a scam , and we have taken these questions seriously, so please read our full review for all the info.

What is DriverFix?

DriverFix aims to remove all the stress and difficulty in updating the drivers. With just a couple of clicks from the user, the application can detect old drivers, download their latest versions, and install it in the computer. It is packed with a lot of features to make this much easier. The best part is that its interface was created to be easily understood by any user to make the whole process easier. It comes with affordable pricing plans to make the app more accessible. The developers continue to develop the app to ensure that newer drivers can be installed to the user’s computers.

Opening and running DriverFix

The application mainly uses a black interface that is designed very simply for easy usage. Upon first opening it, users can see all of its features by its left side. This includes the scanning tool, the action center, application settings, and the activation of the license key. The application runs on low memory and can be ran in the background while you use applications. After using the app, the user is advised to do a full restart of the PC to ensure that the drivers will be completely functional. We found the whole updating process to be very fast and easy with the application.

First, the user needs to start a scan of the computer. Here, the application will look for all the drivers currently installed in the PC and sort them out to the ones that are updated and those that are outdated. The application displays complete details about each one including the part of the computer that it directly configures, its driver information, and how outdated it is. Users can then choose to update only a single one or update all of those that are outdated.

For this, the application has an online database containing millions of drivers to ensure that they can update any users’ computers. These come directly from the manufacturers of the hardware which ensures that it is fully functional and genuine for the computer. It does not download any virus and any other types of malware which was proven when we used an antivirus app to scan its downloaded files. The application has a download progress manager which shows you the remaining time for the download and installation of each driver. The more drivers that needs to be updated, the larger the file to be downloaded will be.

DriverFix additional features

The application also has other features to make it worthwhile for your PC.

First, it has a driver back-up tool that can be used to create copies of the current drivers in your computer. In case an error happens while updating the driver or if you want to use its older versions, users can easily revert back to this using the copy of made by the application.

Aside from this, DriverFix also has a schedule manager. This can update the different drivers on a regular basis for users to always have the most recent drivers even if they forget to manually open the application themselves. This can be scheduled to be done every week, month, and more.


DriverFix is an application that simplifies the whole driver updating process. It is equipped with a lot of features to make it fast and safe for the PC. It is very reliable and greatly improves system stability.

DriverFix has a very simple driver updating process which all users can easily be familiar with. It contains a lot of features that can also make it safe and easy to be done regularly.



  •  Can create driver backup
  •  Uses genuine drivers
  •  Has an easy interface


  •  None