DriverFix review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 6, 2021

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A driver is the one thing that connects your hardware and your operating system. Without it, the OS won't be able to recognize the hardware even if it's been properly connected to your computer. You can think of it as a bridge that makes it possible for both the OS and the hardware to communicate properly. 

Every hardware in your computer needs a driver. Whether it's an internal component like a motherboard and graphic card or an external output device like a printer and loudspeaker, all of them need their own driver. And usually, when you connect them the first time, it would automatically prompt you to install the driver. 

But after a while, your drivers would need to be updated. Some of the major components of your computer would automatically receive an update along with the big OS update. But there are also others that you should manually update. 

To make things easier for you, now there is software that specializes in updating your drivers. One of them is DriverFix. This brief article will tell you all you need to know about it. 

About DriverFix

DriverFix is software that is specialized in helping the users identify drivers that require an update and then download the necessary files to complete the update process. It was designed solely for the Windows Operating System and supports a wide variety of the Windows OS. From the archaic Windows XP to the latest iteration of Windows 10, DriverFix is available for all of them. 

DriverFix was developed and published by a company called DriverFix, Inc. The company believes in creating the best user experience for its users. A philosophy that is reflected through the intuitive user interface of their software and multiple pricing plans to suit the particular needs of every user.

DriverFix Pros and Cons


Other than the aforementioned features that would surely help users both to perform their driver updates routine and also to save lots of their time, there are also several pros of DriverFix that deserve to be mentioned. Particularly regarding support and ease of use.

If you ever encounter a problem when using DriverFix, you could always visit their official website and fill in the contact form. DriverFix has a support team that is always available 24/7 to support you whenever you need them. 

As for the ease of use, DriverFix was designed to be extremely user-friendly. Its intuitive design and minimalist aesthetic make it easy for users, even first-time users, to navigate its menu and functions. Everything was designed to be clear and concise in order to create the best user experience. 



Unfortunately, although DriverFix has lots of great features and additional benefits, it still misses an important feature. Namely the automated installation process. When you download the update for your drivers, either one by one or in bulk, DriverFix would put them in a destination folder of your choice. 

After that, you need to open the folder and manually install it one by one. This is the only inconvenient thing within the whole DriverFix workflow. But if it has the automated installation feature, you could simply click a button and it would initiate the installation for the downloaded update files. 

This is by no means a deal-breaker though. DriverFix still has lots of great things to offer. But it would certainly be great if the developer decided to implement this feature in the future.

What does DriverFix cost?

DriverFix is a subscription-based product. This means you should pay a certain amount of price every month in order to use their products. That being said, they offer three kinds of pricing points that you can purchase based on your particular needs.

Each level of price offers the full feature of DriverFix. The only difference being the number of computers allowed to use it. For the personal pack, you get to use DriverFix on one computer. The price is only $1.66 per month, billed annually for $19.95.

The second level is called the family pack. It goes for $2.50 per month, billed annually for $29.95. It is the license for three computers. The last level is called the extended pack, and it is a license for 10 computers. The price is only $3.33 per month, billed annually for $39.95. 

Is DriverFix safe and do we suggest trying it?

Yes, DriverFix is definitely a recommended tool to help you update your drivers. There are lots of different driver updaters out there, some of them you could even use for free, but only a handful of them offer the same features as DriverFix. 

And even among those who offer the same features, more often than not, it would be more expensive than DriverFix. So in that regard, DriverFix is one of the best value driver updater software in the market. It does its job as it's supposed to, it has a very affordable pricing plan, and it is also very easy to use. 

Sure, there are some features that could be added to DriverFix to make it even better than what it is today. But for the most part, DriverFix is still one of the best driver updater software and you should definitely give it a try. We did a full DriverFix review if you need more info but take it from us, it is a pretty nice program.