DriverFix reviewed

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 21, 2021

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A driver is a bridge that connects the operating system and the hardware. Without it and a proper update, no matter how powerful and expensive your hardware is, you won't be able to use it. Because the operating system won't be able to recognize it.

In order for everything to work as it should be, you need to keep a close eye on the state of your drivers. If there's anything that is outdated, you should find the update and install it immediately. While you can do that manually by yourself, most people prefer to use a specialized tool called the windows driver updater tool.

One of the most popular windows driver updater tools in the market right now is called Driverfix. This article will tell you about what Driverfix can do, what are its features, and the pros and cons of using it. Hopefully, you could decide whether or not Driverfix is the best option for you after reading this article.

What is Driverfix

As mentioned before, Driverfix is a windows driver updater tool that can find the drivers that need to be updated in your system and the correct update files for it. With Driverfix, you could do the whole driver updater process with ease. 

Driverfix was developed and published by a tech company called Driverfix, Inc. Because Driverfix is the sole product of this company, you can expect regular updates and improvement from them. Not only that, but you would also be able to enjoy a thorough support from their team.

Features of Driverfix

The features of Driverfix could be divided into three categories, the essential features, the additional features, and the advanced features. The essential features consist of the deep scan, detailed reports, and direct download functionality. 

In order to update your drivers, Driverfix would initiate a deep scan to look into every driver installed in your system. Once finished, it will present detailed reports about your drivers and the link to download the appropriate update files. Then, all you need to do is simply download it directly from Driverfix.

The additional features include the massive database and the bulk download. Driverfix has a massive database consisting of update files from nearly every driver that you could think of. This will make finding the appropriate updates for your drivers that much faster. What's more, with the bulk download feature, you could download every update that it finds at the same time.

And finally, the advanced features consist of driver update schedule manager and driver backup. The schedule manager allowed you to schedule the automatic driver update. While the driver backup allowed you to backup the current state of your drivers so that you could revert to it if necessary.

Pros of using Driverfix

There are two main benefits of using Driverfix. The first one is ease of use. Driverfix was designed to be a one-click solution for beginners. You could find the right update for your drivers and download it easily in a matter of minutes.

The other benefit is affordability. Considering all the powerful features offered by Driverfix, the price that it charged to its customers is very affordable. The range of the price is between $1.66 per month to $3.33 per month, depending on the number of the PC. 

Cons of using Driverfix

The only cons of Driverfix that I could think of are the inability to install the downloaded files directly from Driverfix. All the downloaded update files have to be manually installed one by one. This can be quite time-consuming if you have lots of drivers that need to be updated.


Keeping your driver up to date is a very crucial thing to do as a PC user. So one of the best things that you could do in order to help you with all driver-related matters is by installing windows driver updater tools such as Driverfix. 

Driverfix is loaded with tons of useful and powerful features that could make the whole driver updating process a whole lot easier. Not only that, it is also very lightweight and affordable. If you use a PC as your daily workstation, you should definitely give Driverfix a try.