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FAQs on Driverfix: Answered

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 11, 2021

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The quickest and safest way of updating system drivers is none other than through Driverfix. Lightweight as it looks, we consider this application as heavy-duty in terms of its next-level performance. It's an ideal go-to place if you hate annoying Windows issues that threaten to ruin your experience.

 Some people's thoughts remain unclear even though the software has a trustworthy reputation. That's why we ask some curious yet enthusiastic users about something they want to know more about. Answering FAQs in chat from multiple customers might sound a little tiring and not the most efficient solution anyway.

DriverFix Guide/FAQ

Is Driverfix free?
Yes. You can use most of its features with few restrictions, but to update the drivers you will need to purchase a license key. This is a good compromise because it lets you see if you can update the driver you are looking for, and if you can you can purchase the license key.
Why does Google detect it as malware?
This issue is quite old, and the developers have fixed it. If you experience the same detection reported as early as 2018, it’s most likely to be your content filtering option. It might give you the benefit of the doubt, but DriverFix is totally safe as we ran it from several virus-detection software.
Scanning slows down my PC. How do I fix that?
Unfortunately, if your PC is between below minimum and standard specifications, there's no solution to that. But no worries as it's temporary. You should be able to use Driverfix without issues.
Where do I find the folder containing my downloaded files?
Head over to the "Updates Center" and tick the files you want, then select "Show Location". It should bring you to Windows (C:) > DF_files. Alternatively, you can locate it by manually installing your downloaded file.
How do I change the directory for every download I make?
First, go to settings and find "Location of Downloaded Files" and select "Choose Location" to set it as the default path.
Is updating drivers simultaneously possible?
Of course! This is the most fantastic feature of Driverfix as long as you have a premium subscription. Feel free to download as many drivers as you want without transfer speed restrictions. 
How about one-click downloads?
If you're a busy person who would rather chill than bother to update their driver, then this is the definite option. You can do this after the first scan. Click on "Update All" and the software will do its job for you.
How does Driverfix improve overall computer performance? Do you have any technical explanation for that?
To answer that question, you should be familiar with what device drivers are. These components are associated with every input, including printers, video cards and processors. Most drivers have long-term issues, and sooner or later, it will affect your PC.
You may experience bugs and random crashes along the way. This is the very reason why replacing old driver files with their up-to-date counterparts matters. Moreover, there'll be no performance issues, and you should feel your computer running smoothly once more.
I have new driver files that aren't working. What should I do?
Restart the download and test if there's a difference.
Is Driverfix compatible with my OS?
Almost every Windows version is supported by the software – 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or later.
How and where do I contact the customer care team?
You can find it on the "About" tabs via a link if you're using the software. Otherwise, go to their official website and scroll further until you reach a form. This is for email ticketing support; however, you have the option for a live chat.
Automatic scans are bothering me. How do I turn it off?
Every time you open your computer or after installation, a quick scan always follows. If it's slowing down the experience, kindly disable the option to boot Driverfix. 
How many languages are supported?
There are 18 to choose from, including English, Russian, French, and Spanish.
How to get my money back?
Talk to customer support and ask for a refund. You're only eligible as long as the program fails to update drivers and if it's within 60 days.
Personal Pack ($1.66/month) – 1 PC
Family Pack ($42.50/month) – 3 PC
Extended Pack ($3.33/month) – 10 PC
Driverfix offers countless advantages upon subscribing to one of their billing plans.
These include:
Limitless Bandwidth
Backup Drivers Allowance
Package Downloads
Single-click Updates
Access to a vast database containing 18M files
Update Notifications and Scan Scheduling


Hopefully we have answered all your questions about DriverFix. We really think that this product is one of the best on the market and have it ranked as the number one automatic driver updating tool available today. If you are looking for more information about it, please read our DriverFix review to find out even more information about it.