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Full DriverFix Review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 6, 2021

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DriverFix is an application created for updating the drivers of Windows computers. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 which makes it an easy download for many users. After all, it can do all of this with just a couple of clicks from the user and only within a couple of minutes. Check out our full review of the product here.

How much does DriverFix cost?

The application comes in three pricing plans. The first one is for a single license and is priced at $1.66 a month. Next is the Family Pack that gives 3 licenses for $2.50 a month. Finally, the Extended Pack is priced at $3.33 a month and gives 10 licenses. These are all billed annually.


Features of DriverFix

The application has a lot of features in it to ensure a fast and easy process of updating the drivers. The first thing that we found that DriverFix is safe for any user on any of the supported systems. It is pretty straight forward, and there is a good quality backup option if you ever decide to undo what the program has updated.

One of our favorites is the Updating Scheduler. With this, we simply needed to select a time for when the app will run on its own and in the background. With this, it can download and install drivers in the background while we use other apps. We don’t even have to open it ourselves. This is a good tool as drivers are regularly released and always remembering to open the app may be burdensome.

Next, the application has a helpful download manager that tells us how much data is being downloaded. This lets us dedicate enough internet connection to the app for it to have the best speeds.

Finally, it has a driver backup tool that can create copies of your existing drivers before you update it. This ensures that it will still be fully functional even if the driver updating fails to properly install.

What does DriverFix do?

In our DriverFix review we found that it works in 3 different ways.

First, it checks the current condition of the drivers of the computer. It lists these out and separates those that are outdated and those that are not. From here, it will allow the user to choose the ones to update and those that it will not.

Next, the driver will download the drivers for the outdated hardware. The files they download are genuine and are completely safe for the computer. These come directly from the manufacturers of the hardware and are stored in a single online database containing millions of drivers.

Finally, the application will install the drivers to the computer. This is the most important part that ensures that the hardware’s different issues will be fixed if the manufacturer was able to do create a fix with their driver.

After a complete update, users are advised to restart the computer to completely apply the drivers.

What we noticed while using the app was that it was very easy and straightforward. To use it, we simply had to start the application and allow it to start checking for outdated drivers. From here, we were given the chance to select only the specific drivers to update. After this, the application will then start fixing the computer’s drivers by itself.


DriverFix simplifies driver updating by only requiring users to do a few clicks. It can handle everything else while it runs in the background. It comes with a lot of helpful features to make everything easier. It is very recommendable for anyone who wants an easy way of updating the drivers.

DriverFix is a straightforward application for updating the drivers of the PC. It is simple to use yet effective in its job. It is definitely recommended for those who want an easy way of maintaining the computer’s hardware.


·        Easy and straightforward

·        Comes with very useful features

·        Barely uses computer resources


·        Billed annually