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How much does DriverFix cost, and is it worth it to buy?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 11, 2021

Updating drivers with DriverFix


The hardware and the software are an integral part of a computer. One won't be able to function without the other. And the one that governs them all is the Operating System. But what most people tend to forget is the fact that the one that connects the hardware to the Operating System is the drivers.

That's the reason why a computer with great hardware and optimized software won't be able to function properly without the right drivers. Not only that, but outdated drivers could also cost you a decline in performance. Or, worst-case scenario, you won't be able to use certain hardware that is connected to your PC.

And that is precisely the reason why every PC user has to pay close attention to the state of their drivers. But doing such mundane, yet crucial, activity would get boring fast. That's why most people opt to use a specialized Windows Driver Updater Tool like Driverfix. 

What is DriverFix?

As mentioned before, Driverfix is a driver updater tool for computers that runs Windows Operating System. It will look into every driver and hardware that are installed in your PC and see which one of them needs to be updated or if there are any missing drivers among them. 

You can try to look into these things by yourself, and you could even try to find the correct updates by going through every single hardware manufacturers' official website. But Driverfix will do a much more accurate job at all of that in a matter of seconds. And that's why most people prefer to update their drivers through Driverfix.

Features of Driverfix
  • Deep scan. The first thing that Driverfix would do is perform a deep scan of your system. Driverfix will look into every driver that is installed within your PC. This scan is what makes it possible for Driverfix to tell if there are any missing drivers or drivers that need to be updated.
  • Detailed reports. Once it finds all relevant information regarding your drivers, Driverfix will present highly detailed reports for you. In it, you will see every single driver that is installed within your system and detailed information about each one.  
  • Massive database. Driverfix has a massive database consisting of updated files from numerous hardware manufacturers. This database is continuously updated whenever there's a new update popping up. By accessing this database, Driverfix will be able to download the update files faster. 
  • Direct download. This feature is what makes Driverfix better than other similar tools in the market. Once it finds the drivers that need to be updated, Driverfix has the ability to directly download the update files from within Driverfix itself. All of this is possible thanks to the aforementioned massive database. 
  • Bulk download. If there are lots of drivers that need to be updated, downloading them all one by one will take a long time to complete. That's why Driverfix has the ability to download every update file that you need at the same time. Otherwise known as the bulk download feature.
  • Schedule manager. When it comes to drivers, regular updates are the key. But not everybody could remember to actively do it within a fixed interval. But with a schedule manager, you can set the whole driver updating process ahead of time. When the time comes, Driverfix will do the rest automatically for you.
  • Driver backup. There are cases where your computer doesn't work as you hope it'd be after a driver update. For that reason, Driverfix has the Driver Backup feature. This feature enables you to create a backup file of your drivers. If there's anything unwanted happening after the update, you could simply revert to the previous version.
Is DriverFix safe?

Yes, Driverfix is safe for your computer. As a matter of fact, your computer will be a lot safer if it has Driverfix in it. A regularly updated driver will contribute a lot to the overall health and performance of your computer. And Driverfix has the right tools to help you keep your drivers up to date at any given time.

With a Driverfix's feature called the Schedule manager, Driverfix will make sure that you will always have the latest and most appropriate update within your PC. That way, you won't have to worry about driver-related problems anymore. And that is precisely what makes your computer safer.

How to use Driverfix

Driverfix is very straightforward to use. When you first open up Driverfix, there will be a big "Scan" button. When you click it, the deep scan process will initiate. The time it took to scan the whole thing depends a lot on the configuration of your PC. But it only takes a couple of minutes on average.

Once the scanning process is complete, Driverfix will display the detailed reports of your drivers including a direct download button for the update files. You can either download some of them one by one or you could also download all of them at the same time. 

It will take some time for the download to complete. Because different software requires different sizes of the update files. The file size for the keyboard driver might only be a couple of Mb but the file size for the driver of your graphic cards could be a couple of hundred Mb in size. 

When all of the download processes have been completed, you can close Driverfix and then head to the downloaded files. Driverfix could not install the update files for you. You should install each one of them by yourself. And when all of them have been installed, the update process has finally been completed. 

How much does a Driverfix license cost?

There are three pricing plans that you could choose from for a DriverFix license key.

The personal pack costs $1.66 per month. This is the license for one computer.

Next is the family pack that costs $2.50 per month. This one is a license for three computers. 

Finally, the extended pack that goes for $3.33 per month. This is the license for ten computers. All of them contain the same features. The only difference is the number of computers for every license. And all of them are billed annually.

Is Driverfix license worth it?

Yes, a Driverfix license is absolutely worth every penny that you pay for it. Driverfix is equipped with tons of useful features that would help you with the driver updating process. Not only that, but it is also safe, very easy to use, and incredibly affordable. You should definitely give Driverfix a try.