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How to install and run DriverFix?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 12, 2021

updating your computer made easy


Updating the computer’s drivers should always be a priority. This is because it directly connects the computer to your hardware parts. Without it, you may have a harder time playing video games, video editing apps, and having other resource demanding applications to run properly.

Drivers are continuously updated by their manufacturers to ensure that bugs and issues will be fixed. It also makes these parts more compatible with newer applications.


DriverFix is an application made for easily updating all the drivers of the application. It can do this with only a couple of clicks from the user. It is built for maximum user convenience and is created to be a simple way of downloading and installing all the drivers safely to your computer. This is a very recommendable application as manually updating the drivers of the PC is a long and complicated process.


How do you install it?

DriverFix can be installed by downloading its installer on its website. In the installer, users will be guided through the different installation requirements such as application language, user agreement license, and installation path. The whole process takes only a couple of minutes to finish. The application takes less than 500MB in the storage and runs with minimal hardware specifications which is why many users will be able to use it.


How do you run Driverfix?

DriverFix is made with maximum user convenience in mind. Because of this, everything is intuitive an easy to understand

Upon opening the application, it will first do a full scan of the computer’s drivers. It will then sort out the outdated ones and the ones that are still the latest. The outdated ones will be shown in a list. From here, information such as the hardware part it is for, the version of the driver, and more will be shown.

Users can then decide the ones that will be updated and the ones that will not. They can also ask the app to update all the drivers.

It will then automatically download the drivers directly from its online database that contains thousands of copies of these. These are all certified to be genuine and safe for the computer. These are also effective and are continuously updated to match the recent developments made by the developers. These are then installed to your computer. After complete installation, users will be advised to do a full system restart to ensure that the drivers are properly put in their system.

Is DriverFix safe for the computer?

DriverFix is a genuine and certified application for the computer and is safe for your system. It is not a form of malware which is why it passes the test of antivirus and antimalware applications. The files that it downloads to your computer are also safe and fully functional. The application respects your privacy and does not take any of your files. Finally, the application is easy to uninstall and does not leave any trace in your hard drive once it is deleted.


Should you download DriverFix?

DriverFix is definitely recommended for all users regardless of their computer knowledge. Through this, they are ensured of the best computer performance as their hardware will always be able to run compatible applications. It also ensures that they will spend less time in having to update all the drivers.


DriverFix can be downloaded through their website. The installer will guide them through the app language, installation path, and user privacy agreement. Once installed, it will scan for all the drivers of the computer to check if it is updated or not. Users can then manually select which ones will be updated or simply choose to update all. After downloading and installing the drivers, users will be advised by the app to do a full restart.