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How to install Driver Genius

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 10, 2021

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The drivers of the computer are responsible for making the hardware components communicate with the operating system. For Windows computers, these files are very important in making sure that parts such as the audio card and the video card which is used for video games, video playing, and more will always be functional.

To update these, users are only given a driver updater in Windows’ control panel. Here, they would need to view each of these one by one and wait for it to scan, download, and install. This is a long task that may be too-time consuming.

What is DriverGenius?

Driver Genius is an application developed by Avanquest Software. The application can be used to simplify the process of updating the drivers of the computer. Upon installation, it can instantly scan for all the drivers of the PC, look for its newest version online, and then install it on the computer. It can also help delete drivers that are no longer necessary for the PC to conserve disk space. This ease of updating and configuring the drivers makes the product a popular choice for all users. If you are looking for more in depth information make sure you check out our Driver Genius review for all the info you will ever need about the program. 

How to install Driver Genius?

To install Driver Genius onto the computer, the user first needs to purchase a license available on their website. From here, users can choose whether to purchase the Professional or the Platinum version. Each license can be used for 3 PCs each. 

The application can also be delivered directly to your house for an additional $9.95. The application will be stored in a DVD which can then be installed on the PC. 

Users are also given the option to lengthen the download period up to 2 years from the original 28 days available. This means that they can download the application at any time during these allotted days. 

The installer will then guide the user through the privacy policy and the folder of installation. Users will be asked to insert the serial number of their product.

The application will also download their driver database along with the installation. The application will get the drivers from here.

What does it do for the computer?

Updating the drivers of the computer can help the hardware have less bugs. The updates of the manufacturer of these parts can also help it run newly released applications that may have newer system requirements. This lengthens the lifetime of the hardware parts.

Aside from this, Driver Genius can also help users backup and restore their drivers. These tools create a copy of the drivers that are currently installed in the computer and then store them in a safe folder. In case the user encounters an issue while updating or if the drivers they currently have installed are experiencing bugs, they can simply revert back to an older version.

Lastly, Driver Genius can also help users delete drivers inside the PC that are no longer used. This can be because these are very old copies or because the hardware it was used for are already replaced. By removing these from the PC, the user can save more of their hard drive.

Is it safe for my computer?

There are a lot of concerns about applications that claim to be able to improve the performance of the PC online. This is because these apps usually have marketing tactics that are annoying and overwhelming when seen online. Aside from this, these apps also do a full scan of the computer before being able to fix it as it needs to look for the issues it has before being able to fix it. 

The good news is that Driver Genius is a completely safe application. It can help the computer in updating its drivers and therefore ensuring that its applications will run fast. Aside from this, the application does not take any of the private data and information of the user. This is written in their privacy policy.

The application is also not a virus. It does not attach itself to the user’s files and replicate itself. Lastly, it does not spam the user with countless pop-up ads and unnecessary files.