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How to install DriverMax

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 10, 2021

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Maintaining the computer can be a scary task especially if you are an amateur. After all, there are a lot of things to consider in order to keep it peak performance. There is the need to always delete unused files, protect your PC from viruses, and more. 

However, the part that most users fail to keep track of is updating the driver. These are the files that the computer uses in order to make the hardware connect with the software. Without it, parts such as the mouse, the keyboard, and the printer will not be usable.

What is DriverMax?

DriverMax is a driver updater made by Innovative Solutions. The application is built to update all the drivers of the PC with just one click. It saves users the time that they would usually use to manually update the drivers one-by-one using the built-in Windows tool. The application is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

How to install DriverMax?

DriverMax’s installation can be downloaded through their website. Users simply need to click the “Free Download” button. An installer will then be downloaded to the PC. Users simply need to agree to the privacy policy, choose whether it should have a shortcut, and choose the language which will be used by the application. The installation process will then start and only take a minute to finish.

Upon opening, the user will be asked to do a full scan of the PC. The application also gives an overview about the hardware of the PC including the remaining hard disk space, the processor, and the operating system it is using. 

Users simply need to click the “Scan for Driver Updates now” tool to allow the app to start scanning for the PC’s drivers. This will only take a couple of minutes.

After the scan, users will be notified if the application detects any drivers that are not updated. This includes drivers for the audio card, video card, the internet card, and more. With just one click, users can allow the application to download these drivers directly from its manufacturers’ website and install it in the computer. 

Difference of Pro and Free version

The free version of the application allows users to update two drivers per day. This includes the download and the installation of the driver. This is helpful for always maintaining the computer.

The free version also allows users to create driver restore system points to ensure that it will always be functional even if the installation fails to finish properly. Users can also rollback to older versions of the driver in case they are more satisfied with it. Finally, this version gives the unknown device identification feature.

The Pro version of DriverMax, on the other hand, gives more features. First, it gives unlimited automatic driver updates. Aside from this, it has a faster download time and also has a download priority feature. Users can also regularly have hourly checks to see if the computer has the latest updates.

Pro users are also given automatic driver installation, simultaneous driver downloads, and the signed driver updates only feature. The Pro version can also be used for about 20 computers which will use the same username and password. 

In the end, the free version is mainly recommended for trying out the program first and seeing if it is effective for the computer. Users are advised to purchase the Pro version afterwards if they are satisfied with it.

Should you use DriverMax?

DriverMax is best recommended for users that are not that knowledgeable with updating the drivers of the computer. This is because the built-in driver updater of Windows may be hard to find as it is inside the Control Panel. Aside from this, users will be forced to manually update these drivers one-by-one, waiting for it to look for a driver, download, and to install every time. DriverMax makes the process easier and faster.  If you find yourself needing more info about the program, make sure you read our full DriverMax review for every aspect of the program and process.