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Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 28, 2021

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Every piece of hardware that is connected to your computer needs a driver for it to function properly. A driver is a bridge that connects the Operating System to the hardware. And just like a real-life bridge needs proper and regular maintenance, so do drivers need to be regularly updated.

You could update your drivers manually through the device manager, or you could use third-party software to help do it for you. Driver updater software would perform a thorough scan and provide the update files for you to download. Save you hours in the process. 

One of the leading driver updater software in the market is DriverFix. DriverFix is equipped with advanced features such as bulk downloads, scheduled scans, driver backups, etc. But such powerful software would surely cost a lot of money, right? Or is it possible that DriverFix is actually free?

Is DriverFix free?

No, unfortunately, DriverFix is not free., Inc, the company behind DriverFix has continuously provided improvements and support for their users and it cost money to do so. That means they can't afford to give the software for free.  It is never fun paying for anything, but at least when you pay you know that you will be encouraging the company to keep the product, database, and driver matching current. At the end of the day you have to decide if DriverFix's price is worth the amount of time and frustration you will save from finding the drivers you are missing. So if you are wanting to just fix the issue click on this button and you can get the software right away:

 Download DriverFix

You can freely download and install DriverFix, but in order to use it, you should purchase one of its licenses first. More on the price and licenses in the next section. They do, however, have a 60-day refund policy. This policy allows you to get your money back within 60 days after your initial purchase should you feel unsatisfied with DriverFix. So worst case scenario you download it for free, and it finds the drivers you need to update. You buy it and it doesn't work and you get a refund. Best case scenario, you download it, run a scan, purchase a key and update your drivers and for the next year you never have to worry about wasting time trying to find the right driver for your systems.

DriverFix costsq

The DriverFix cost comes with subscription-based pricing plans. There are three tiers that you could choose from based on your particular needs. You could access every function of DriverFix with every plan, so the only difference between them is the number of computers you could install it on.

The first plan is called the personal pack. It cost only $1.66 per month, billed $19.95 annually. You could only use this license for one computer. The next plan is called a family pack and it costs $2.50 per month, billed $29.95 annually. This one is for three computers. 

The last plan is called the extended plan and you could connect a whopping 10 computers with this license. It cost $3.33 per month, billed $39.95 annually. Based on the price and the number of computers per license alone, I believe the family pack offers the best bang for your buck.

If you are just using this for your computer at home, we find that $19.95 is a bargain as it will most likely save you hours over the year. 

Do I really need to buy a driver updater software, or are there free options?

As mentioned above, there are free and paid versions of driver updater software from different brands scattered all around the internet. Knowing this, you might find yourself wondering why you should get a paid software such as DriverFix when there's a free alternative available elsewhere?

There might be some differences depending upon the type of software involved, but for the most part, the answer to that question remains the same. The paid version is clearly superior to its free counterpart. 

The reason being the fact that developing and maintaining good software costs time and money. That's why most companies have no other choice but to put a price tag on their product. Most free software in the market right now could be divided into three categories. 

A software that was made purely for the community by one person, or at least a small team of people. A free-trial software from a big company that was designed to give the users a chance to taste the full version. And finally, fully free and functional software that is either filled with ads or the company uses the users' personal information to earn some money. 

The first one rarely got any support and improvement, and the second one would lead you to buy their product eventually, while the last one ranged between annoying and downright dangerous. Is it any wonder why the paid version ends up being the better choice of the two?

Should you buy DriverFix?

Yes, you should use DriverFix. Most problems that happen in your computer usually have something to do with the drivers. That's why you should take a closer look into the state of your drivers and update them whenever there's a new update available. 

And although DriverFix uses subscription-based pricing plans, you can see above that the overall price is still within the realm of affordability. Combine that with its advanced features, ease of use, and intuitive design, DriverFix is definitely one of the best driver updated software in the market right now.