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Is DriverFix good and what features does it have?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 26, 2021

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There are a lot of ways to improve computer performance. Users can simply lessen the files downloaded in their hard drive, do a security check to look for viruses and malware, and reduce startup applications. One of the often-forgotten ways of doing this is to update the drivers. Drivers are the files that connect the hardware parts, such as the keyboard and mouse, to the computer itself. Without them, you won’t be able to use these parts at all. By updating these parts, users can experience less errors and issues with these parts and generally more system stability.

What is DriverFix?

DriverFix is an application available for Windows PCs. It was made to be an easy way for updating the drivers. After all, updating these manually may take a lot of time for users who would have to manually look for the outdated drivers in the computer, download directly from its manufacturers’ websites, and then install each of these themselves. DriverFix simplifies the process by updating all the drivers of the PC with just a couple of clicks from the user. Because of this, it is a popular choice for many users. If you are worried about installing programs onto your system, there is no need to as DriverFix is safe for any systems, and if for any reason it doesn't do what you need it to you can simply and easily uninstall it.

What does DriverFix do? And is it Free?

DriverFix has two versions: a free and a paid version.

The installation process and interface for both is the same. Both give you a user agreement license that informs users that the application does not take any of their private information and that the application is safe to use. After this, the user can select the destination path of the app and install it completely. We did not encounter issues with this.

Upon first opening the application, it will inform you about the initial scan that it will do for your computer. Users need to allow this part for the application to start working. This process will only take a couple of minutes.

After this, a complete list of the different drivers of the computer that is currently outdated will be shown. Included in the information that they provide is the manufacturer of the driver, the version of the driver currently installed, and the exact hardware part that it is used for. Through this, users will know the specific parts of the computer that may experience issues if their driver is not updated. The list they provide is simple and comprehensive.

However, the functionality of the free version ends here. It is only limited to the scanning part. Users will need to manually download the drivers of each outdated drive and install it themselves. Although the functionality ends here, the free version is still largely useful. After all, having to manually check the version of the hardware’s drivers may take a lot of time for the user and may be hard to do for those who are not very informed about the technicalities of the computer.

For those who use the paid version, though, they can move on to the next step of the process which is to download the different drivers needed in the computer. The app provides a download manager which can show you the current progress of downloading the different drivers. Here, they can see the time remaining for the downloading along with file size. In case you have never manually updated your drivers before, the current file size may reach gigabytes in terms of file size which is why users are advised to put most of their internet speed here and to avoid downloading in the meantime.

Installing out of date drivers with DriverFix

After the drivers are completely downloaded on your PC, the application will start installing each of these. This will take a couple of minutes to finish up to almost an hour in case there are too many of these drivers that need to be updated. After this, the user will be advised to restart the computer to fully optimize the drivers into the computer. We found that DriverFix not only added a lot of drivers, they didn't add out of date ones. Sometimes if databases aren't kept up the files that are actually installed are older than what you have. Driverfix received a great review for its database and ease of use!

How does DriverFix help your computer?

Upon testing the application, we were very satisfied with the condition of the computer after. It was able to improve the connection of our Bluetooth devices, solve some bugs with our mouse, and more. The best part is that the whole process did not need too much user effort which makes it very usable even for amateur users.

DriverFix features

The application has an online database which contains more than 18 million drivers which come from different manufacturers. This ensures that they will always have a driver that can be downloaded to your computer for easy driver updating. These drivers are genuine and are safe for your computer. It passes antivirus and antimalware security scans which shows that these files do not harm your PC in any way.

Next, the application has a schedule manager which can make the whole driver updating process constant. After all, drivers are updated a lot and multiple ones can be released within a year. With this feature, users can schedule the app to start scans every day or any time of their choice. This ensures that every driver update will take less time.


DriverFix is a very good application for updating the drivers of the computer. It is fast and easy to use. It comes with good features for making the whole process reliable and safe. It also comes with a free version which is still helpful. If you want more information about the product we suggest you read our full DriverFix review as we go more in depth to what the program is as well as compare it to other driver upating products so you know who is the best before you buy.