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Is DriverFix good for my computer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 12, 2021

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Fixing the computer’s issues is never easy. Users have to manually go through hundreds of files and technical terms to look for the root issue of each. One of the hardest parts to fix is the hardware. This pertains to parts such as the keyboard, mouse, and the monitor, all of which can be detached from the computer. These parts may suffer from performance issues and bugs in the long run. When this happens, users do not necessarily need to buy new and expensive parts for their computer, and instead, will only need to update the drivers.

What are drivers and what do they do in your computer?

Drivers are the software components that allow the hardware to be recognized by the computer. Upon first attaching a hardware to your computer, it will install the basic version of its driver to your PC for it to be functional. This is only base level though. To get the more updates and optimizations for newer applications, users are advised to download the drivers that are given by the manufacturers of these hardware parts. This is because these are built to fix any bugs and errors that are experienced by these parts. Through these drivers, users can also run newer applications with less difficulty.

What does DriverFix do?

To check the current status of your drivers, users need to go to the Hardware Manager of Windows. Here, they can click each of the hardware parts of the computer and look at the current version of its parts. After this, they can search the internet to see if the version of their hardware is the latest. They can then download a driver straight from the manufacturer of the hardware to update the hardware. This is an exhausting process that not many users may be able to do. We have reviewed a lot of different programs that will automatically update your drivers, and when we did our DriverFix review it was head and shoulders above the rest.

What is DriverFix?

DriverFix was created to be a one-stop application for updating the different drivers of the computer. With them, the whole process can be done with just a couple of clicks.

First, it will scan the computer to look for all the drivers that are currently installed in it. They will summarize this in one list so that users can see the different hardware parts that are still not updated.

They can then choose to let the application update only a single driver or update all of them. The application will then download the drivers to the computer and then install it after. This whole process only takes minutes to finish depending on your internet speed which may affect the download speeds.

As we can see, the main selling point of the application is the convenience it provides to updating the drivers. It also makes the whole process safer as amateur users not familiar with software may accidentally revert or corrupt their drivers in the process of updating in case they do something wrong. Because of this, the application is recommended both for amateur users and for those who want to simplify and speed up the whole process. The other thing that users always wonder is what will happen when I do the updates, and for this we can say that DriverFix is safe , as it not only has a great matching database for the newset drivers. But it also does a full backup prior to any changes so you can always undo any modifications it makes.

What are the benefits of DriverFix in your system?

To test the application, we downloaded it on a test computer.

First, we used the free version of the app. Because it is free, it did not have any of its driver updating features. Instead, it was limited only to scanning the computer to look for the drivers which are already outdated. This was still largely helpful as we avoided having to check each of the hardware parts of the PC and manually search the Internet to see if this was the latest version. Because of this, we still recommend downloading it even if it is free.

Next is the paid version. We were largely satisfied with the product. Upon installation, it immediately started a full scan of the computer. As promised, it was able to detect most of the drivers within the PC that were still not updated. Because we purchased a new computer for the test, there were a lot of drivers that was not updated yet. With this application, we were able to detect each of these.

The application lets you keep track of the downloading process for the drivers. It also allows us to cancel this at any time if needed.

Once the drivers were completely installed, we experienced better computer performance, with hardware parts no longer showing errors and bugs.


In the end, DriverFix is a very good application for the computer. Users will largely benefit both from its paid and free version. It is equipped with smart features that can detect outdated driver parts and then update this with just a couple of clicks from the user.