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Is Driverfix good for updating drivers?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated August 7, 2021

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A computer is mainly constructed of two things, the hardware and the software. The Operating system is the one that governs them and the drivers are the one that connect them to each other. Think of the drivers as the bridge that allowed the OS and the software to communicate with the hardware.

That's why whenever there's something wrong with your computer, it most likely has something to do with the driver. You could try to find the problem yourself and you could even try to fix it. But if you don't know what you're doing, you could potentially brick your computer. 

That's why most people prefer to use a dedicated driver updater tool instead. And when it comes to driver updater tools, Driverfix is one of the best in the industry. This brief article will tell you all you need to know about Driverfix.

About Driverfix

Driverfix is a driver updater tool that was made for Windows Operating System. It was developed in order to detect the drivers that were installed in your system and find the latest updates for them. Driverfix is equipped with lots of useful features to make it a one-stop solution for your driver-related problems.

Drivefix was developed and published by a company called Driverfix, Inc. As a company that pours all of their time and resources into one product, they continuously improve Driverfix to be the best version possible. That's why you could rest assured knowing that when you purchase Driverfix, the whole company would be ready to support and help you in any way they can.

Features of Driverfix
  • Quick Scans. The first thing that Driverfix would do is to perform a deep scan of your system. It would look into all the drivers installed in the system and find the ones that are out-of-date. How long the whole process would take depends highly on the configuration of the computer, but it usually would finish within minutes.
  • Detailed reports. After the scans, Driverfix would present a detailed report of the state of your drivers. The current version and models, which ones need to be updated, which ones are missing key components, etc. You  could see all you need to know about your drivers through this report.
  • Massive driver database. To make the updating process a whole lot faster, Driverfix has a massive database consisting of driver updates from various hardware manufacturers with all models and versions available. Driverfix updates their database regularly. That way, it would always have the latest driver version available.
  • Direct-download. Unlike other driver updater tools, Driverfix not only gives you the download links of the updates, but it would also give you the ability to download the updates directly from within Driverfix itself. This is possible because Driverfix is integrated into the aforementioned massive database.
  • Bulk downloads. Not only direct download, you could also download multiple updates at the same time with Driverfix, otherwise known as the bulk download features. You could choose multiple update files, or even all of them at once, and Driverfix would download it immediately. 
  • Driver backup. There are times when updating your drivers would lead to an unwanted result. To safeguard against such a thing, Driverfix has a driver backup feature. This feature allows you to backup the current state of your drivers. That way, if things go bad after the updates, you could simply refer back to the earlier version through the backup.
  • Schedule Manager. It is advisable for you to regularly update your driver. Unfortunately, most of us don't have the time to do that or may simply forget. But with the schedule manager from Driverfix, you could set the update schedule ahead of time and Driverfix would do all the updates automatically for you when the time comes.
Benefits of DriverFix
  • Lightweight. Driverfix is only several Mb in size, which means you could finish the download and the installation process in minutes. And despite its powerful capabilities, Driverfix also doesn't take much resources to use. This lightweight nature of Driverfix makes it very friendly to your system.
  • Easy to use. Driverfix is truly a one-click solution to all of your driver updating needs. From scanning to installing the drivers, all the process was designed to be simple and intuitive. Because of how easy it is to use, even a total beginner could easily navigate through all the functions of Driverfix.
  • Affordable. Driverfix has three different subscription plans that you could choose from. You could enjoy all the aforementioned features with any of the three plans. The main difference is simply the number of PCs per license. The price ranges from $1.66 per month to $3.33 per month. Highly affordable.

Making sure that all of your drivers are in top condition is one of your responsibilities as a PC owner. But unless you are confident with your technical ability, it is preferable to use a driver updater tool like Driverfix instead. Driverfix offers tons of features that would go beyond simply updating your drivers. You should definitely give Driverfix a try as we have found it to be safe and reliable in finding out of date drivers and updating them as easily as possible for you.