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Is DriverFix safe for every level of computer user?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 13, 2021

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Editors Note* To ensure that you are working with the newest version of DriverFix we suggest going to this page to download the program. This way you can ensure the drivers you are trying to update are the latest, safest, and easiest to install: 

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DriverFix is an application made for easily updating the drivers of the computer. It aims to be a one-stop application that downloads and installs these drivers for you. With it, you can avoid having to manually check up on each one and do everything on your own. This application also uses genuine and safe drivers for the computer to ensure that it will give the best updates and fixes for your hardware parts.

How does it update the drivers?

DriverFix has a very simple process for updating the drivers. First, the app will scan the computer to see the condition of the hardware drivers. It will sort out the ones that need to be updated and the ones that don’t. Next, it will allow the user to choose the drivers it will update. Users can also choose to simply update all drivers with just a single click.

After this, the application will directly download the newest drivers for your different hardware parts. Lastly, it will install these to your PC. Users are recommended to do a full restart of the computer after this to ensure that the drivers are properly installed. As we can see, the whole process is straightforward and simple.

Is it safe for the computer?

DriverFix is safe for your computer. It is a straightforward driver updating application that downloads genuine and safe files. It is not a form of malware as confirmed by our antimalware applications. The app has a trustworthy website from which you can download the app and install it.

Uninstalling the app is also very easy and can be done the same way as any other application. Because of this, we can confirm the application is very safe to use for any computer.

What are its different features?

The application has a lot of features to ensure that the driver updating process will be a breeze for users.

First, the application has an updated schedule manager. Through this, users can select a specific time and data within the week for when the application can update the drivers by itself. This is an important tool as drivers are regularly released by the manufacturers of the hardware. With this, users can continuously update the drivers of the application even if they forget to manually open it.

Next, the application has a driver backup. Here, it creates copies of the different drivers of your computer before it updates them. This ensures that the drivers will always be kept secure and that there will be a backup in case the driver updating process fails. This also ensures that you can always revert back to an older driver version if you would want.

Finally, the application has a download manager. Through here, you can see the progress of downloading the drivers and its installation. This is important for those with low bandwidth speed as they would need to lessen their online activities while the application is downloading.


DriverFix is very safe for your computer. It can greatly help with improving its performance and making sure that you have the most updated drivers. You can do all this with just a couple of clicks. The application comes with both a free and a paid version with affordable pricing. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.