Is DriverFix Safe?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 13, 2021

Updating drivers with DriverFix


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Most of your PC problems usually have something to do with your drivers being outdated. Whether your PC feels a little sluggish or you are simply unable to use certain software or games, it usually can be fixed with a proper update to the right components. 

You could update your drivers manually through the device manager on your PC. Or you could use a driver updater software instead. DriverFix is one such software. It could scan your PC to look for every outdated driver, and present you with the updated files. All you need to do is simply download and install them.

But is such software truly safe for your PC? What kind of features does it have that makes it a better choice than other similar software? This brief article would answer all of those questions for you.  If you don't find enough information in this article and want more, you can always read our full DriverFix review here. 

Is DriverFix safe?

Yes, DriverFix is safe for your PC. As a matter of fact, it makes your PC safer by updating the drivers of all the key hardware components of your PC. As mentioned above, there are numerous risks involved when you use outdated drivers. 

Most of them have something to do with the performance of your PC, but there are also times when it involves the security of your network. And updating your driver to the latest version would improve the performance of related hardware and patch any security risk.

As a driver updater software, DriverFix has the ability to properly look for the drivers that need to be updated and present the user with the relevant download links for the update files. And by updating them, you've improved both the performance and the security of your PC and thus, made it safer.

Features of DriverFix
  • Lightweight. Despite having such powerful capabilities, DriverFix is quite a lightweight software. The size of the installation file is only around 20 MB, which makes it a breeze to download and to set it up. Once downloaded, it would also have lightning-fast performance even if there are lots of open programs in the background.
  • Quick Scans. Upon installation, DriverFix would initiate deep scans of your drivers. It would look into every single one of them and determine which one of them needs to be updated. This whole process would only take a few minutes at most.  
  • Detailed reports. After the scan has been completed, DriverFix would display very detailed reports about each driver, including information such as the version number, release date, etc. If you want, you could use this information to make sure that you are indeed downloading the right updates for your drives.
  • Massive driver database. DriverFix has a massive database consisting of drivers and update files for various hardware from numerous brands. Once it found suitable updates for your drivers, you could immediately download it from their database. 
  • Direct-download. Unlike other driver updater software that requires you to open up your browser to download the update files, DriverFix has the ability to directly download the updates from within the software itself. With its download manager, it allows you to manage multiple downloads at the same time.
  • Bulk downloads. When downloading, you could pick one update to download at a time, or you could also simply click a button, and all of it would be automatically downloaded for you at the same time.
  • Driver backup. Sometimes things might not go as we expected to be after we update some drivers. To prevent such a thing from happening in the first place, DriverFix has driver backup features as a default. You could back up the current state of your drivers, and if you want to go back to it later on, you could do it with a click of a button. 
  • Schedule Manager. The schedule manager has the ability to set DriverFix to automatically scan, download, and even back up your driver, whenever you want. You could also turn it into a regular event. That way, you won't have to manually initiate the process, DriverFix will do it for you. 
Should you use DriverFix

Yes, you should use DriverFix. As you have read above, an outdated driver would put your PC at risk. There are numerous ways it could compromise both the performance and the safety of your PC. And updating them is the best way to not only remove those risks but also improve the performance and prevent future threats. 

And that is why DriverFix, as a catalyst for updating your drivers, is not only safe to use, but actually helps improve the security of your PC. So if you worry about whether or not DriverFix is safe for your PC, then don't worry about it because it is perfectly safe. 

What's more, the advanced features offered by DriverFix also make the process that could be quite intricate and time-consuming and turn it into an easy and speedy process. And if you could properly take advantage of its full capability, you could even automate the whole process. Isn't that great?

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