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Is DriverFix worth the license? How much does it cost? What are its features?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 4, 2021

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To keep your computer at top performance, you would need to ensure that all of its parts are evenly maintained. While many users are capable of removing viruses, clearing junk files, and the likes, one of the parts that is commonly forgotten is updating the drivers of the computers. After all, this is not easily seen and noticed by the users especially if they are not experts with the computer. However, users should know that it plays a very vital role for running the computer.

What are drivers for?

Drivers are files that the computer uses to send commands to the hardware parts. This means that it is used by parts such as the mouse, keyboard, and others. Initially, a basic form of the driver will be installed in the computer upon first attaching the hardware part to it. As you may notice, there are a few seconds for the hardware to function when you first attach to the PC before it is fully functional. During this time, the drivers of the PC are installed. However, users should know that the different drivers are continuously updated by its manufacturers.

With every update, they can fix any issues that the device has been experiencing. It also raises its compatibility with newer applications released in the market which usually have higher hardware specifications. This ensures that the hardware can be used for a long time.

What is DriverFix?

DriverFix is an application that makes driver updating very easy and simple. The application checks out the different drivers of the PC, sorts out the ones that are not updated, and then downloads its updates directly. This is an easy process that only requires a couple of clicks to properly function. Without it, users will have to rely on manual driver updating.

Without DriverFix, how do you manually update the drivers?

Updating the drivers by yourself may be hard for some people. It is both time-consuming and requires technical knowledge to do.

First, users can rely on the updates made by Microsoft Windows. These are done about once or twice a month and are downloaded automatically. Users may see this whenever the system reminds them to have a system update in order to fully download the files on their PC. Along with this, users can also update some of the drivers of the computer. However, this does not completely update the drivers as some may be left out by Microsoft.

Another alternative is to check the drivers of the computers yourself. Using the device manager, you can check for the “Properties” section of each hardware part where you can see the current driver update downloaded in your computer. You can then check online to see if this driver is the newest made by the manufacturer. If it is not, you can then download a driver directly from the website of the manufacturer. You will have to install these yourself. You will have to do this for all drivers currently installed in your computer.

How does DriverFix work?

DriverFix simplifies the whole process of updating drivers for your system.

First, it will do a full scan of the computer to see the different drivers currently installed in it. It will then check for those that are outdated and those that are still in its latest version. It will sort these from the other. From the list it creates, users can select the ones that they will update. Aside from this, they can simply choose to update all of the drivers in the computers to get the best performance from all their hardware parts.

Next, the application will start downloading and updating the drivers of the application. This is a fast and easy process which the application will do in the background. The user is free to use other apps while this happens. The total time this will take depends on your internet speed and the number of drivers to update.

How much does DriverFix cost?

The application is billed annually. For a single license, it is priced at $1.66 a month or $19.95 a year. The next plan is the Family Pack that gives three licenses for $2.50 a month or $29.95 a year. The last plan is the Extended Pack that gives 10 licenses for $3.33 a month or $39.95 a year.  


Driverfix features?

The application contains several features to make the whole process fast and easy.

First, it has a download manager. Here, users can see the different files that the app downloads to the PC for them to know how much time is left to download and install it.

Next, it also has a schedule manager. This tool can be used to allow the application to work on a specific schedule set by the user. Through this, users can use the app without having to manually open it. This is an important tool as drivers are regularly released by manufacturers and remembering to open the application every time may be too much for those who are always on the go.

Finally, the application has a driver backup. Here, the user can create copies of the current drivers of the PC before it updates this. This can be useful in case the driver updating fails or if the user simply wants to revert back to an older version.


DriverFix is definitely worth the license. With it, the complicated task of driver updating can be done simply and fast. It has a very simple interface that is easy to use.

DriverFix is an application that can easily update the drivers. It has multiple features to make the process fast and easy. It comes in 3 licenses that are paid annually.