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Is restoro pc reHow to Install, Run, and Fix Outdated Drivers with Driverfixpair tool safe and what can it do?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated December 5, 2021

Updating the settings in your system


Getting the latest files has never been so easy with Driverfix, a lightweight tool specializing in automatically updating device drivers. It only takes a couple of clicks before you get a hold of everything about the program – it’s user-friendly anyways. However, we offer the proper tutorial on getting the software, running it, and fixing old and buggy drivers.

Installing Driverfix

Safety is guaranteed if you download the application on its official website. It’s totally free, with no hidden fees while using it. But the choice is yours if you want to upgrade to pro and get exclusive benefits.

Suppose Google detected Driverfix as malware; no need to worry. Keep the file because it’s safe to install. We’ll explain everything about this issue in our following reviews.

Installing the program should take you less than half a minute. Otherwise, your computer has issues. After finishing, you’ll see the software scanning for potential out-of-date drivers you may want to keep an eye on.


Now that the program is on your PC and the scan is done, you’ll see two tabs. The first one shows your computer’s specifications, license key option, and the number of both updated and outdated drivers. You have the choice to one-click update the files, but you’ll have to pay first. 

On the other hand, you can manually close the pop-up and go ahead with browsing the detailed reports. Take note that scans automatically take place the first time you open your desktop and the application. It should take a few seconds, but you can cancel it if you wish. 

Driverfix has one of the best interfaces I’ve ever seen. The UI department did a fantastic job on organizing stuff and where to see them. We’ll walk right through it.

Updates Center

Also known as the download manager, this section is where you can see and edit downloads. It’s where you can take a look at the progress and speed of every file. Not only does this feature make everything organized, but it’s also the fastest way to manipulate them.

Speaking of manipulation, did you know you can actually control every file transfer you make? Whether you restart, pause, and cancel, there are no limits. Nonetheless, you can always undo if you’re positive about a file for being virus-free. 

Having trouble finding your file? You can locate them all by clicking on “Show Location.” It’s either on the default download path or a customized one. Feel free to hover over the info as well if it concerns your PC safety.

DriverFix Settings

Customize Driverfix with this tab. It’s where you manage settings to impact your preference. Four subsections are found, namely General, Internet, History, and About

  • General 

Have you ever felt annoyed by pop-ups and unscheduled scans from the program? How about considering automatic driver backups or setting the download path? Then this subsection has your back.

It also lets you view removed devices, turn on driver filtering and updates, auto reboots, and prevent the program from minimizing only. For security purposes or simply freeing up space, you can wipe the data. If it doesn’t satisfy you, revert and cancel all changes as you wish.

Good news for non-English speakers, you can choose from up to 18 languages. We’re hoping it helps generally. 


  • Internet

The only setting in this subsection is allowing simultaneous downloads or not. It’s handy if you plan on bulking downloads to save your time and effort. A pretty neat solution for the busy types.


  • History

If you’re wondering if every download you make is on the list, the answer is yes. The purpose is for organizing – you can even see the date and time or choose to clear it. This tab gives you an overview of every file you transferred from their repository.


  • About

This page talks about terms and conditions, a tutorial on uninstalling the application, and customer service contact. You’ll also know the status of your license, whether it has expired or is unregistered. It’s free anyway.


License Key

If you want to push beyond the limits, here’s the option: go to their website, check for deals, and register. It's as simple as a few clicks, and the transaction is seamless. 

Fixing Outdated Drivers

Exploring the straightforward interface of Driverfix wouldn’t hurt. Truth be told, it gives you a better glimpse of getting the best experience while using it. But we’re talking a different story from this forward. 

Back to where we start, you’re free to choose what driver to update. Proceed by clicking on the “Update” button and pick whether you’re in for auto or manual. We recommend the auto and let the software do its job for you. Otherwise, go for a manual if you don’t have the subscription. 

Left-click on “continue,” and you’ll see another set of options. If you click on the automatic install, you’ll get new drivers for seconds. Manual installation isn’t that hard if you insist.

All you have to do is wait for the download. It’s crucial to note that large files download the slowest, so it’s a bit of a challenge of patience. Regardless, it will eventually finish.

Continue by opening the .exe file for your driver at Windows (C:) > DF_Files. Click next, and don’t forget to accept the terms. You should get results after it’s done.


If you happen to have a malfunctioning graphics card or audio card, updating with Driverfix should do the trick. It offers significant convenience for people who loves to be unbothered or has something more meaningful to work on. Not only it’s for tech-savvy, but also for newcomers.

  The database housing 18M downloadable files officially come from manufacturer companies’ websites. With that said, safety is guaranteed. Driverfix’s agents make sure it’s unchanged and free from potential computer threats.

However, some concerned netizens have shared how easy and free it is to update drivers. Given that it only takes a few minutes to reach the specific site, they’re branding the software as a scam. Again, it’s for convenience purposes and to speed up things. But that’ll be another story worth sharing next time.