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What are the Features of Driverfix and how do they work?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 18, 2021

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A vital step to take before buying software is looking for the price tag. Well, that’s what most practical people do. They’re missing the essentials, the advantages of using a specific product – try not to do the same.

To make updating device drivers much easier and more convenient, Driverfix was created. The product software is exclusively available on Windows and by far earned a positive reputation in the virtual world of computer care. On top of all that, it offers several perky features which separate the program from its competitors.  Keep reading to find out everything we found in our DriverFix review. 

DriverFix features

We installed DriverFix on our system and ran a full scan. It found a bunch of different drivers that were out of date, and some were really out of date( like a couple of years!) Although those weren't impacting anything on the surface levels there are advantages of keeping your system up to date like security patches, and the ability for drivers to work with each other with more ease. At the end of the day, this means things will run smoother, so we looked at all the different things that DriverFix can do, as well as how it does them and here they are:

  • Quick and Automatic Scan

Assuming the application is on your desktop already, a full scan will instantly take place. This happens every time your PC or software boots and after the first installation. We find this neat because you don’t have to bother about clicking the “Scan” button many times.

Alternative, you can turn off this feature in the settings if it’s ruining your experience.  

  • In-depth Results

All scans deliver a clear report so you can see what driver version is installed on your laptop. Dates are even available for the latest files that you might download next time. Moreover, it’s completely organized so you won’t get dizzy by looking at it.

  • Unlimited Download Speed

With the free plan, you’re only allowed to download for kb/s instead of mb/s. That’s quite questionable, especially if you have a decent internet service provider. Fortunately, the premium version offers a better experience.

No matter how large or small the file you’re planning to download, there will never be bandwidth limits.

  • Configurable Download Path

Not used to the default directory of Driverfix? Feel free to change it on the settings, depending on what you like. It’s always easier to manage your folder containing your downloads this way.

  • Lightweight

Your device must at least have a 4GB memory to run this thing properly, and that’s it. Although this is the minimum specification, we guarantee your computer won’t break.

  • Malware-Free

Driverfix claims to be free from harmful files – but is this true? Our team ran the program from virus scanners and found no indications that it posed any harm for your system. Now you can experience a worry-free and high-quality updating as we can easily say that DriverFix is safe for your system.

  • Access to a Wide Database of Drivers

Does your PC have long-term problems, including unexpected crashes, annoying screen freezing, or gaming lags? How about inputs like mouse and keyboard – are they working correctly? If not, chances are you have an out-of-date device driver.

Here in Driverfix, a vast repository housing several drivers has been dedicated for one-click downloads. The process is smooth, beginner-friendly, and almost automatic (not unless you paid for it). Nonetheless, files are regularly updated, so you don’t have to visit and find the official AMD or Microsoft website.

  • Backup Drivers Enabled

A not-so-fun fact: most old drivers cause more issues than having a 7th generation Intel processor. Sure, your peripherals might be working properly, but renewing them wouldn’t be half as bad. In fact, you can withdraw all your changes if it gives you more headaches.

Head over the settings and make you enable auto backup drivers when everything fails.

  • One-click Update

With a single left click, you can literally do anything. Pretty much Driverfix, which automatically download every piece of outdated components within a short time. Now that’s the most convenient way to save your effort.

  • Auto-Installer

Similar to the one-click update, the auto-installer doesn’t want you to do all the job. Feel free to sit back, relax, and watch how the program software gives you every up-to-date driver you need.

  • Smart Download Manager

One of the most reliable features of Driverfix is the download manager, which technically the “Updates Center” on the user interface. It’s where you can delete, pause, continue, restart, or even track where all files are located. With this inclusion, you can oversee every file transfer you make, adding more ease to your life.

  • Customer Support Service

Unsurprisingly, even the software company behind the program knows how to handle their valuable customers. Whether you have concerns, questions, or feedback, customer support is the perfect go-to place. It’s up to you, though, whether you want a live chat or email ticketing system – go on with your preference.

Why is Premium Better?

We’ll be honest with you. Although Driverfix is free to use, we don’t guarantee you will get everything from it without the premium pass. There is a barely noticeable difference between free and paid versions, so what’s the point of availing one of their plans?

First of all, you’ll get the privilege of boosted download speed and bulk downloads, as we have mentioned earlier. It’s money-efficient for your computer in the long run, making driver updates faster than average. On another note, you can finally get one click to replace your old drivers with fresh ones. 

Driverfix has overwhelmingly generous offers that you might want to check out. They have three different plans with almost the same perks as each other.

Personal Pack: $1.66/month for one year (from $4.75) – 1 device

Family Pack: $2.50/month for one year (from $7.13) – 3 devices

Extended Pack: $3.33/month for one year (from $9.51) – 10 devices

In case the software fails to update any driver and cause mishaps on your computer, the company will issue a refund. Make sure it’s within 60 days to be eligible.


When it comes to quality over quantity, what comes into your mind? It might be another cliché, but we really found that DriverFix offers both with their huge database of drivers, as well as keeping them up to date. If you are getting older drivers on your system it isn't helpful, and if it doesn't identify the drivers that are out of date it also doesn't help... but this is where DriverFix really shines.

Among many existing product software specializing in updating drivers, Driverfix remains at the top. When we first installed and used the program on PC, we didn’t encounter any problems. And we love the quality and consistency of its performance.

Because of its extraordinary features, beyond satisfaction is guaranteed. Much of our time is spared since its sole purpose is for automatically updating device drivers. However, why do we need to make sure these components receive a regular replacement?

You see, system issues such as crashes and error logs will eventually take over out-of-date files. Getting newer versions is always the best choice if you want to avoid the worst experience ever. Not only will you get a smooth-performing computer, but bugs will also perish.