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What can DriverFix do for my computer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 7, 2021

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Having headaches with your PC’s slow performance? Drivers may be the reason why. These are software files which connect the hardware to the computer itself. Once these get outdated, the PC is bound to have slower loading times, faulty applications, and even system crashes. DriverFix is an application made for easily updating the drivers.

What is DriverFix?

DriverFix is an application made for Windows computers. It makes the whole process of driver updating much more convenient and faster. Because drivers connect your hardware parts such as the video card, audio card, keyboard, and mouse to the operating system, updating them should always be a priority.

What can it do for my computer?

Manually updating the drivers is a slow and complicated process. Drivers are very important for computer stability which is why it should be handled with utmost care.

To update it manually, you would have to visit your device manager, check for the current version of your hardware parts, see which ones should be updated, and then manually download and install all of these. As we can see, it is a long task that is best left to those who have expertise on it.

With DriverFix, users can simply do a couple of clicks and then let the app do the rest of the driver updating. Its main selling point is its convenience and safety when used.

Process of updating the drivers

DriverFix has a straightforward process for updating the computer. First, it scans for all the drivers of the computer. It then sorts out the ones that need to be updated and those that are up to date. The app shows this in a simple list for the user. You will then be given the option to either select the drivers you want to update or to update all of them.

After this, DriverFix will direct drivers straight from the manufacturers of the hardware. They will then install this. After completely installing all these, you will be advised to restart the PC to fully install all of the drivers.

DriverFix uses a very straightforward interface. We find it very easy to use it because of the arrangement of its features, its helpful guides, and its fast performance. To ensure that it will run fast, allot internet speed for it and refrain from downloading other files while it downloads drivers.

Should you update PC drivers?

Drivers are important for ensuring that your PC can run newer applications. With each year, developers of different apps for video editing, gaming, and more update their apps to ensure that it will have the latest technologies. Because of this, its demands for resources also increase. By updating your drivers, your PC will be able to run any new apps.

Keep in mind, though, that hardware parts have an “expiry date” or a time when it will be considered too outdated for newer apps. This can be seen when the manufacturer stops making drivers for this and if it can no longer run newer apps regardless of driver updates. In this case, the best way to improve computer performance is simply to purchase new parts. This usually happens if the PC parts are older than 10 years.

Is DriverFix safe for my computer?

DriverFix is completely safe for all computers. The application does its job safely and does not damage any of your software files. It is not a form of malware such as a virus, Trojan, or rootkit as proven by antivirus and antimalware scans done for it. It also does not delete any of your private files, bypass your privacy, or download files without your consent.


DriverFix can update the drivers of your computer within minutes. Because updating the drivers manually can be too complex and take too long for some, DriverFix offers a fast and convenient process for doing so. The application comes in both a free and a paid version.