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What does DriverFix do for your computer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 4, 2021

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DriverFix is a popular choice for users who want a one-stop solution for updating drivers. It is geared towards those who want to save time in doing so. It is also made with an interface that is easy to use which also makes it friendly for computer amateurs. DriverFix is compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 which means that most modern computers can run it. Running with minimum specifications, the application is compatible for many users.

This article is an in-depth analysis of the application’s purpose and what it can do for your computer.

What are drivers?

Before delving deep into the application itself, let us first describe what drivers are. Drivers are parts of the software that allows the hardware to connect to the computer. Without it, important parts such as the keyboard, monitor, and the video card will not run at all. You may be familiar with it because some of these are updated along with the monthly Microsoft Windows updates.

These drivers are instantly installed to the computer once you plug a hardware part. You may notice this whenever you plug a new USB or mouse to your computer and the system loads first before the device becomes functional.

Why does it need to be updated?

As mentioned above, a hardware part automatically installs a driver to your PC for it to be functional. However, these drivers are continuously updated by its manufacturers. This is to fix any issues and bugs related to it. This can be issues with connectivity, functionality, and more. Through drivers, you will be able to run video games and video editing apps faster. It can also help speed up overall computer performance. Finally, it brings more stability for your computer.

Why do you need DriverFix?

DriverFix and any other driver updating apps are not a necessity. They can greatly help you with updating the drivers, though.

Drivers can be updated manually, but with a level of difficulty and lengthy time dedication that leaves many users to ignore to do it all. There are two methods to update the drivers.

First, users can rely on the updates done by Microsoft Windows about once or twice a month. While this is quite easy, it can also be unreliable. After all, Windows does not update all outdated drivers of the computer. Because of this, users might not know that they have several outdated ones.

Next, users can use the Device Manager of the computer. With this, users can check the current status of the computer’s drivers one by one. This process requires you to download the drivers of the outdated ones and then install each one yourself. This is long, complex, and definitely not friendly for everyone.

Instead of having to do this, users can instead download driver updaters. Our best choice for this is DriverFix.

How does DriverFix work?

DriverFix simplifies the whole process through its streamlined application. Here, users can simply let the app do all the work while they use other apps.

First, it will do a full scan of the computer’s different drivers. It will sort out those that are outdated and those that are not. It will then let you choose which ones to update and which ones to leave. This process lets you see why some hardware parts may be malfunctioning as you can see the ones that are not outdated. This process is fast and simple to do.

Next, the application will start downloading drivers for the computer. The files that were used come directly from the manufacturers of the hardware parts which ensures that it is safe and genuine for the computer. The length of this process will depend on your internet speed. Expect longer hours if you choose to update multiple drivers as this will take gigabytes of files.

Finally, the application will install the drivers to your PC. After this, you will be advised to restart the computer. Having updated drivers will greatly help in the PC’s performance. You can expect applications to be faster, hardware parts to have less issues, and generally have better stability.

To ensure that the results will always be consistent, you will need to regularly use the application.

Features of DriverFix

As mentioned above, regularly updating the drivers of the computer may be harder for those who tend to forget to use the application. Because of this, it has an update scheduler which you can use to set a time and date for when the app will update the drivers regularly. This is very helpful for those who are always in a rush.

Next, the application has a driver backup. Here, the different drivers installed in your PC will be kept in case you will download a newer driver update. This ensures that you can still use the computer like normal even if the update fails. This also makes it possible for you to revert back to an older driver if you want.

The application comes with a download manager for you to keep track of your drivers while it downloads. Here, it will show the specific driver it will update, the hardware parts it will be used for, and more.

The application contains this in one intuitive interface that users can easily learn upon first using. There are a lot of descriptions written in it which guides beginner users about the function of each.


DriverFix is an easy way to update the drivers of the computers and we thought it did a great job in our review. It can scan, download, and install the drivers to your PC. It is safe for the computer. It is available for Windows 7, 8, and 10 with minimum specifications. The application comes with an update scheduler, driver backup, and a download manager.