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What is DriverFix? What can it do for your computer?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 24, 2021

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Drivers are files that connect the hardware to the computer. Once you attach a keyboard, mouse, and other hardware parts to the PC, a basic form of the driver will be installed. However, the manufacturers of these parts regularly update these drivers to fix bugs and issues. Because of this, users must ensure that the drivers installed in the PC will always be updated. If this is regularly done, users can expect faster computer performance and less issues with the hardware parts. For this, they can use DriverFix.

What is DriverFix?

DriverFix is an application that simplifies the whole process of driver updating. The application updates the drivers with minimal user effort, only requiring them to do a couple of clicks. Because of this, it is advised to be used by users regardless of their computer knowledge as it is very simple to use and also quick in updating the drivers. The application comes with a lot of features that expand the functionality of the app such as the driver backup manager, the updating scheduler, and the download manager. The application comes with a free and paid version.

How does DriverFix work?

Traditionally, users have to rely on the built-in driver updating features of Windows. One part of this is with the Windows Updates that happen usually only once a month. Even with this, not all drivers of the computer are properly updated.

Aside from this, they can also manually update the drivers themselves. They have to open the Hardware Manager of Windows, check the current version for each hardware part, and then download and install its drivers from the manufacturer’s website. This is a long and complicated process that not anyone can do without damaging the drivers accidentally.

For DriverFix, the application allows the users to take a seat back as it sorts things out by itself.

Upon installation, the computer will start a full scan of the computer. Here, it will compile information about the drivers of your hardware parts. It will then list down the ones that are updated and those that are not. Included in the information it provides is the hardware part the driver is related to, the name of the manufacturer, and its current driver status. From here, users can have an idea on why specific parts of the computer are having issues.

After this, the application can then choose to update only specific ones or update all of the drivers with just one click. The time for this to finish depends upon the number of drivers to be updated and its file size. The application uses a handy feature called the Download Manager which shows you the progress of the download and how much time is remaining for it to finish. For this, users should allot their internet speed to ensure that it will finish quickly.

Next, the application will start installing the different drivers in the computer. This will only take minutes to finish. Users will then be advised to do a restart of the computer.

Features of DriverFix

The application uses a couple of features to make the process of driver updating better.

First is its online database of drivers. This contains millions of entries that come directly from the manufacturers of the hardware parts. This ensures that it will be genuine and safe for the computer. The application gets its drivers from here. Because of this, it is continued to be expanded to match the needs of more users and for newer hardware parts.

Next, the application has a schedule manager. Through this, the application can run even based on a schedule set by the user such as for every week or for every month. With this, the user can update their drivers without having to manually open the application every time. This is an important tool as drivers are regularly released by the manufacturers and missing out on some of them may affect computer performance quickly.

The application also has a driver backup. Here, the current drivers of the application will be stored. In case the driver updating process fails or if the user wants to revert to an older version of the driver, they can simply use these copies. This ensures that the application will not cause any major damage to your computer and that it will always be dependable.

Is it safe for my computer?

Being an application for optimizing performance, it is important for users to ensure that the application is not harmful. Fortunately, the application is very safe. It passed the scans from our antivirus and antimalware apps. It also does not take any of your private information nor does it share it to unknown third parties. It is not a form of Trojan, rootkit, and other malware; so we can say that DriverFix is safe for anyone to use on their computers.

Free version

The application also comes with a free version. However, its functionality is only limited to the scanning feature of the application. This is very handy for knowing the different drivers of the computer that is not yet updated. However, the actual updating process needs to be done by the user after. They would have to download the drivers online and install each one by themselves.

Even with this, the free version is still very useful. In case you want more convenience and ease, though, purchasing a license from them is still more recommended.



DriverFix is an application that simplifies the whole driver updating process. With them, users can update the drivers with only a couple of clicks which makes it friendly even for amateur users. It comes with important features such as the schedule manager and the online database which makes driver updating a breeze. It comes with a free and paid version.