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LifeLock vs. Identity Guard

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated November 6, 2020

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These two providers offer superior identity theft protection with decent credit monitoring at their highest tier. They both have nearly all the features you may be looking for in an identity theft protection provider. For that reason, deciding on the best has been a challenge for many users.  

If you have been curious to know how these two providers compare, this is your article. Read through the reviews and the comparison and have your pick as well. 

Product Review of Lifelock

Apart from offering credit monitoring, Lifelock carries a lot of history into this review. Since it was established, it has endured some hard time along the way. The most popular one being 2015 when the company was brought under investigation for allegedly misleading consumers with deceiving advertisements. They ended up paying $100 million to consumers to settle FTC charges.  

Later, the company sold its enterprise to Broadcom and was renamed Norton Lifelock. Norton is an established name in cybersecurity and it can be described as an all in one security suite. With Lifelock living as a Nortonlifelock, all its ID theft, antivirus and VPN are available as all in one package.  

Putting history aside, this America based provider is a very prominent identity theft protection. The company is popular for offerings a wide range of theft protection plan services. This includes Lifelock juniors for monitoring your kids and Lifelopck seniors for monitoring adults, including 65 years and over.  

More to theft protection, you likewise gain access to digital security and online privacy features with Norton 360. This incorporates a VPN for up to 5 devices and PC SafeCam to shield you from cybercriminals who are gaining access to your webcam.   

All the services come at very liberal pricing. The administration charges run from $ 9.99 a month to $29.99 a month. Besides, it offers reimbursement of $25,000 to 1 million depending on the monitoring plan. The lower price standard protection monitor services only from one bureau. The higher price plan, $29.9 a month, monitor services from all three major credit bureaus. But even much better is the base price of $107.88 a year or $8.99 a month after a 25% discount. 

Product Review of Identity Guard

What makes this provider more powerful is its association with IBM Watson's artificial intelligence. In conjunction with Watson, it offers three plan namely, value plan, total plan, and Ultra plan.  

The IBM Watson artificial intelligence will scan the dark web and you will get safe browsing tools, a US-based dedicated case manager, a risk management score, and an online identity dashboard with all the three plans.  

However, three-bureau credit monitoring, address monitoring, tax fraud alert, and credit score are included in the Total and Ultra plan only. The Ultra plan is even more advanced, providing reports on social media activities as an additional quality.   

The best part, it is the least expensive provider you will come across. The lowest plan cover is $8.99 and $14.99 a month for one person and family respectively. The Total plan is $19.99 a month for an individual and $29.99 a month for families. The most robust plan, the Ultra plan, is just $29.99 a month and $39.99 a month for an individual and families respectively.  

The service and customer support are entirely dependable with the support team available over the phone from Monday to Saturday. Moreover, they respond to email inquiries within 24-48 hours.  So now that we know all about both programs we will find out who is better between LifeLock vs. Identity Guard.

Which is Better?

Some crucial services are unique to a particular provider or simply similar but one offers it much better than the other. That is the criteria we have used to come up with the best among these two closely matched providers.  

To begin with, both are robust in scanning the dark web but Identity Guard appears to be quicker in scanning on account of the IBM Watson’s artificial intelligence. Watson technology empowers it to scan several articles and discover threats much faster.   

Lifelock boasts an extensive digital theft protection that is hard to find in many other providers. You’ll get access to digital security and online privacy features with Norton 360. This incorporates a VPN for up to 5 gadgets and PC SafeCam to shield you from cybercriminals that are gaining unapproved access to your webcam.   

If you are looking for a family identity theft protection then Identity Guard is what you are looking for. A family plan is one of the best features that are unique to this provider. The best part, you can get coverage for everything found in individual plans or your family members.   

When it comes to pricing, none of the top providers beats Identity Guard. Identity guard is very generous with a base price of $99.9 compared to Lifelock’s base price of $107.99 a year. Given that Identity Guard offers several benefits at less expensive charges, it remains a hot cake to most Identity theft protection users.  

Lastly, Identity Guard Company outshines Lifelock when it comes to customer support. Their support team is always available at a stipulated timeline and you can reach them via phone call or email. They are usually available from 8 am to 11 pm from Monday to Friday or 9 am to 6 pm on Saturdays.   

On the other hand, there have been constant complaints by users concerning Lifelock support services. Users confirm that the company is very poor in resolving matters. To confirm their claims, Better Business Bureau (BBB) currently gave the company an ‘F’ grade in relation to their customer support. This is very poor compared to an ‘A+’ grade currently awarded to Identity Guard Company for their customer support by the same BBB.  

To cut the long story short, Identity Guard is the best between the two providers. The provider has superior capability when it comes to identity theft protection. Its association with IBM Watson gives it a powerful artificial intelligence to scan millions of articles for threats. Its affordable price and excellent customer support are some of the atractive qualities that make me declare it the winner in this comparison.