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123 copy dvd review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated November 10, 2021

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If you want to watch your favorite movies with the highest quality outside of the theater, then your best option would be getting the DVD or the Bluray version of the movies. Not only that, DVDs and Blurays usually give exclusive bonus contents other than the main movie itself. 

There might be movie streaming services that promise to deliver a similar experience, but for the most part, the quality that you'd get to enjoy depends highly on how much you pay or the quality of your internet connection. So once again, your best option would be DVDs and Bluray. 

But what if you want to bring your entire collection with you? Or maybe you simply want to have a backup of your collection? You can do all of those things with a DVD or Bluray ripping software. And one of those software that we will talk about in this review is called 123 Copy DVD.

What is 123 Copy DVD?

As the name suggests, 123 Copy DVD is a tool that you can use to copy the content of your DVD or Bluray, and turn it into a digital media file. This means you can now save your movies into your portable hard drive and take it with you wherever you go. 

The process of getting the video files from a DVD or Bluray disks is called "rip', while the process of putting the files into an empty disk from your hard drive is called "burn". The two basic processes are what 123 Copy DVD offers its users, along with a number of other features. 

123 Copy DVD was published and developed by a company called Bling Software, Inc. They offer various versions of 123 Copy DVD, along with several other products. Unfortunately, the Better Business Bureau reported that Bling Software had gone out of business a couple of years back. But there are still places where you can get your hands on their products, especially the 123 Copy DVD.

Features of 123 copy DVD
  • Copy the content of DVD and Blu-ray. With 123 Copy DVD, you can easily rip the content of a DVD or Blu Ray disk and turn it into a digital media. This feature is not limited to only the videos, if you have CDs with music in it, you can also easily rip it and turn it into a digital media as well.  
  • Convert ripped content into various audio or video formats. When you rip some DVDs or Blurays with 123 Copy DVD, you can easily choose what you want the end formats to be. A high quality H.264 or FLAC for your computer, or maybe just a regular MP4 or MP3 for watching and listening through your phone. 
  • Copy specific parts of the movie. The amount it takes to copy DVDs or Blurays files vary from one disk to the next. The longer the content is, the longer it takes to rip it. So if you want to shorten the time, 123 Copy DVD enables you to rip only the main movie or maybe even just a specific part of the movie.
  • Burn audio and video files to DVD. After the files have been turned into digital media in your hard drive, you might want to put it into another blank DVD in order to create a backup. 123 Copy DVD also has the ability to do just that. But once again, the time it'd take to burn the DVD may vary from one movie to the next.
  • Image slideshows to DVD. One of the unique features of 123 Copy DVD is its ability to create a slideshow from your image collection and customize it to your liking. But it doesn't stop there, you could also burn the finish slideshow into a blank DVD. 
Pros and cons of using 123 copy DVD


  • Lightweight. Despite its powerful features and capabilities, 123 Copy DVD is a very lightweight tool. You can install the whole thing in just a few seconds. And it also will only take a small amount of computer resources to run. Even during its ripping or burning process, it won't take much of your computer resources. 
  • Versatile. 123 Copy DVD is quite versatile. Other than its main features, it is also perfectly capable of running different functions that are still related to its core capabilities, such as converting video and audio into various formats, burning image slideshow into a physical disk, etc. 



  • Steep learning curve. 123 Copy DVD has a very cluttered and outdated user interface. If you're not used to this type of software, you will likely get lost in its messiness. It would take you hours of playing around with the buttons and menus just to get how to use the core features. 
  • Lack of support. What makes the learning process even harder is the lack of any sorts of help documentation. Not a separate document, no in display information through the icons, and no online support. And since the company has gone under, you are practically left with no support other than finding information through the internet. 

If you want to copy your favorite movies into your hard drive, then 123 Copy DVD is more than capable to help you do that. Unfortunately, the steep learning curve, lack of support, and the fact that the parent company had gone out of business led us to the conclusion that you should try another DVD ripper instead. If you want to find out everything about this program make sure you read our full 123 Copy DVD review to see what our reviewers thought of the program.