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DVD Cloner Features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated July 17, 2021



DVDs naturally become damaged after a while. Some come in thin plastic that can easily be scratched. When this happens, the quality of the video inside it can be drastically damaged. If this contains important videos that you would like to keep safe, it is important to copy it to your computer for you to have a software version which you can upload online and keep safe in your hard drive. Once you do this, the quality of the video will not be vulnerable to physical damage anymore.

What is DVD cloning?

DVD cloning is a process that is more reliable when it comes to copying the contents of a DVD. Its counterpart is DVD copying. Generally, DVD copying produces results that change the resolution and the quality of the video for the worse as it needs to compress the video file size. With DVD cloning, users can ensure better video quality as it can create an almost exact duplication. It can even enhance the video and make the video run smoothly. Because of this, many users prefer this method. One of the popular applications for doing this is DVD cloner.

Features of DVD Cloner

With DVD Cloner, users have two options about the interface that they will be using throughout the whole cloning process. This ensures that the application is very friendly even for beginner users who are not that knowledgeable with the whole copying process. The first interface is the Express Interface which is the simplest. This gives the option for a 1: DVD copy and also allows ripping to MKV. Next is the Expert Interface which allows copying to MKV, Blu-ray, and UHD along with split, movie customized, and movie-only copy.

1:1 DVD Copy

The application allows a perfect quality of copying. The application uses a good decryption tool that can easily bypass the security system of the DVD that you plan to open. Included in the protection systems that they can bypass is RipGuard, CSS, CPPM, APS, RPC-I, Disney’s system and more. One of the most protected systems of Sony ArccOS can also be bypassed which shows the high quality of their decryption. With them, users can also copy from a DVD-5 and DVD-9 to another. These files can instantly be played for TV and player software as it is a file and not a DVD copy. Users can also save it as an ISO image file to make it easier to burn to another DVD later on.

With them, users can rely on a complete movie copy. This includes all the features and the menus included by the publisher. This makes it especially good for copying DVDs that have a lot of content in it that will be better navigated with a menu. Included in the copy are the different languages, subtitles, and audio tracks. With them, the user can change the compression rate to the best rate for them to have the best quality.

Another option is to simply copy the movie/movies from the DVD without any of the additional features in case you want to have a clean copy. For this, the application is smart enough to recognize the main file from the source as to simplify the process.

Users can also split a movie to two disks in order to retain its original quality in case the file size is too big. This also includes all the special features such as subtitles and additional languages. Users can also choose to remove this entirely from the disk if it is not needed.

With them, users can also choose to copy only specific parts or chapters of the DVD. This is especially made for those who plan to copy TV series’ which are usually filled with more than 3 episodes. This makes it easier to copy only the parts that you want to and to organize the files better.

Next, the application can be used to translate the digital copy to a MKV format which is a good format for having the best image quality, low file size, high bitrate, and good audio. Encoding options include H. 264 and H. 265.

Burning the movie to a DVD

The application can also be used to copy the movie from a hard disk. You can burn the ISO image file into the DVD for this. The quality of the video will not be affected in the process as the application is very reliable.


DVD Cloner is a good application for copying from a DVD, allowing you to copy even the additional menus and features, all with a high quality copy.