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DVD Copying Reviews

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 12, 2021

Dvd copy with digital cameras around the dvd


With several options to watch movies, DVDs are no longer hot cakes as they used to be 10 years back. Today viewing your preferred movie is extremely simple since you can simply download one at a cost less than the price of a disc. Even more, services like Amazon and Netflix allow you to watch the movies online without necessarily downloading them which is a lot cheaper. 

In any case, that doesn't mean you dispose of the immense DVD collections that you sprinkle cash on. There is a greatly improved approach to safeguard them and enjoy them whenever you want. This involves using an online DVD software copier to save the content of your original disc. 

In this article, we explore the general features of DVD copier software, why you need one, and recommend some top performers.

What are Some of the Features you need?

Compressing Features 

The compressed version permits you to duplicate a commercial disc into a small-sized DVD5. This process requires good DVD copy software to minimize quality loss. You may also decide to use a larger DVD9 so that you don’t have to compress the information. 

Just to clarify, the discs that we usually use are either DVD5 or DVD9. The difference is in the capacity as DVD9 can store 9GB and DVD5, 5GB files. While copying commercial discs onto DVD5, your copier will shrivel the data to fit and that compromise the quality of the video. 

 Visual Library 

Another significant component of DVD copier software is the ISO saving capability. An ISO is a virtual outline for each DVD. Once the virtual contents have been saved you can watch it by simply playing back from your PC, converting it into a mobile format or copying into a fresh disc to produce a replica of the original.   

Three Copy Modes 

Most DVD copy software we have reviewed have three copy modes namely, full copy, main movie, and custom. Full copy as the name implies copy all the features of the original disc and burns it onto a vacant disc. On the other hand, the main movie strips away everything aside from the movie itself.  

The customization feature allows you to select the files you wish to move to your empty disc and in this way you duplicate just the necessary files. Most DVD versions have extra components that you may not have a desire to copy. For instance, files like editorial, additional items, trailers, among others. 

Hopefully these features are helping you find what you will need in the program you buy. If you need more information we have done in depth reviews of the best dvd copying software on the market right now.

Why Should You get a DVD copying program?

In a nutshell, DVD copy software is a tool used to produce numerous duplicates of the original disc to preserve the information or share it better. In essence, DVDs can keep going for 100 years, yet it can as well lose a lot of its quality just in a few days when not handled well. They easily get scratched or exposed to elements that completely ruin them.  

The software enables you to save the specific images of your preferred disc with the end goal that, if the original discs fail to play, you essentially make another one by copying the videos onto a fresh disc.  

That is very useful in a circumstance where you need to share your most prized collections with your family or friends. Or, when you have children that enjoy a specific movie. In such a case, you can use a DVD copier to create identical copies so that you stop subjecting the original copy to wear and tear.   

How about an artist who would like to hand out some DVDs while performing on stage? Or when you want to play some music to your family while in the car? All these scenarios may warrant that you save the original content so that you only produce copies when needed. 


I hope you understand why you need DVD copy software. If you say yes, here are some of our recommended software that will get the job done effectively depending on the one you settle on.   

WinX DVD Copy 

When selecting DVD copier software, speed is crucial. In the event that you would prefer not to be held back by slow processing, this software would be one of your best. It is capable of creating identical duplicates in less than 1 hour. The best part, it is so powerful and can copy discs with encrypted or restricted contents. Not overlooking the fact that it can save your DVD’s ISO files to your PC. The virtual files can be played back, copied to another disc, or converted to a mobile device.  

Nonetheless, one drawback is that it comes up short on the compression option. Therefore, you can only use it with the more expensive DVD9. 

DVD Cloner 

The DVD cloner program that we reviewed  is famous for two things; one, it has a straightforward interface and is very ideal for the novice. Two, it is known for making a wide scope of disc types including blue rays, DVD, ISO among others. But even more, it is equipped for making practically identical duplicates with an insignificant loss in quality. 


Less can be said on the negative side of this software. The only noticeable downside that I encountered is trouble in saving the ISO records. However, from users’ reviews, I realized that its capacity to write a variety of disc types befuddle users with regards to which disc type works better. 

Magic DVD Copier 

As the name implies, expect magical DVD copier software. To begin with, it has a compressing feature and you will compress files in less than 40 minutes. What's more, it is a decent choice for the novice on account of its basic interface.  

Notwithstanding, this product causes an extraordinary quality loss with the compressed adaptation. Additionally, you can't save ISO files. Yet, it is a solid match to the ones in the list courtesy of its speed and easy to use interface. 

Xilisoft DVD Copy  

This is outstanding software that allows for advanced functions for the sake of the DVD copying gurus, yet still among the best choices for the new users. Replicating files is simple and straightforward gratitude to its three copying modules, namely, full copy, main movie, and custom. For that reason, expect to create customized copies in less than 45 minutes. 

The main concern is the absence of a live chat option for client assistance. Furthermore, there is no converter for telephone or tablet use. 


This comes with a basic interface that makes the selection of different features a breeze. In addition, it is a vigorous programming that is equipped for cloning a wide range of discs including those with restrictions like Cinavia. The software also enables you to make a virtual library by saving your DVD image files into your PC. However, this software is not recommended for extreme writing tasks; it is best for slow writing.  

123 Copy 

 If you want a software that is well equipped with features and tools to fulfill nearly all your needs then look no further. The tools and features enable you to customize, copy, burn, and build discs from scratch. Also, it has a special feature that enables you to convert your video file to a different format including tablet, console, and Smartphone format.   

The disadvantage of this product is that it takes up to around 1 hour 30 minutes to make an identical duplicate. Moreover, it produces low qualities of the compressed duplicates.   

Leawo DVD Copy 

This product requires less than an hour to make a copy so it is somewhat quicker. Also, much the same as most of the top contenders, you can transfer an ISO file to your PC hard drive. However, the software can’t burn the ISO file into a blank disc. Lastly, it has three copying modes as well. The custom mode enables you to select and copy only the files that are useful to you.  

1 Step DVD Copy 

Just as the name implies, this DVD copier covers the basics and it starts copying just with a single click. It is very easy to use and very great for the novice. The website is very informative and supportive. Moreover, you can customize and create identical copies of the original disc or pick which file you want the software to copy. The greatest concern is that you can’t save a DVD’s ISO file. 

Tipard DVD Cloner 

This software likewise has the three copy modes and it is highly customized. Furthermore, it gives you the option to save ISO files. But the best part, it boasts a unique feature that enables you to copy and burn fresh contents into a disc without the original disc. That is a very helpful feature if you have a large DVD collection that you would want to back up. The only problem with this software is that there is an extensive loss of quality during compression. 

Aimersoft DVD 

Last but not necessarily the worst in the list is Aimersoft DVD software. It is famous for its speed and magnificent customer support. Not overlooking the way it enables you to back up your commercial DVDs to a virtual library by saving the ISO files. Nonetheless, it lacks some of the advanced features that can make it more valuable.