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DVD Copying Software for 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 8, 2021

Dvd copying software


DVD Copying software is an especially useful tool for many reasons. When you buy a DVD, everything runs smoothly and without a scratch. After a while, DVDs can be damaged due to some external factors or simply due to frequent use making them unusable. With DVD copying software it is possible to make a DVD copy and save yourself the trouble. This type of software can even recover data from a disk that is already damaged, but it is recommended to make a copy before any damage on your DVD. 

What does DVD copying software do?

Remember those days when you could easily make a DVD copy and share it with your favorite friends or just keep it to yourself in case the original DVD gets scratched? Times are changing and due to some copyright issues or encryption on your DVD, making a DVD copy also changed – but it has never been easier.  

DVD copying software is a great solution if you want to make a quality DVD copy and keep it for the next generation.  

Every DVD has an ISO image and its saving capability. ISO file is a simple method to pack different documents into one record with an ISO extension. Most of the time this type of file will help you to make a DVD copy. One of the reasons for this is the exceptionally good configuration for downloading and storing files into one single document. An ISO image is the exact copy of your DVD allowing you to burn it on a new and empty DVD or to make a single copy.  

There are just a few programs that can read an ISO image and DVD copying software is one of them. Creating a backup of your favorite DVDs on your PC is the first and most important step. The second step is making a copy on a blank DVD by using an ISO file you created earlier in the backup process. 

What features should you look for

There are a number of features you should be looking for when choosing the right DVD copy software. Look at the most important ones. 

First, you need to make sure that the software has an ISO saving feature. Not all of us are tech-savvy and sometimes it can be tricky to manage to save an ISO file. Especially if you are facing this type of process for the first time. Saving an ISO file is the first step, and the second is the software’s ability to burn the same ISO file to a blank DVD. 

The second feature to look for is related to usability. DVD copying software needs to have the option to support several types of copy modes and to support different types of DVDs. This is especially important when it comes to DVD encryption. What is the point if DVD software can not break the code not allowing you to make a copy? 

Because most of our DVDs are scratched after a while, you need to look for a DVD copying software that can support worn DVDs.  

Burn to Blu Ray file feature is a commodity for those who want a high-level quality. Blu Ray file is a new generation of optical discs and it has a format that allows you to record and play HD videos. With this feature, an image resolution can be up to 1080 pixels with a high sound definition.  

The Compression feature is also particularly important and useful. If your original disc is DVD-9 format, burning it and copying it will size down your disc to DVD-5 format. When shrinking the disc size there is always a possibility to lose the initial HD quality. That is the way you should choose DVD copying software that will burn and rip your DVDs without any loss of quality. 

User-friendly interface for simple and transparent controls for both new and old users. You do not want to waste your time trying to understand how something works and how to achieve the desired outcome.  

WinX DVD Copy

Coming with all comprehensive features, WinX DVD Copy is one of the best products on the market. It has the feature to copy DVD to DVD, DVD to ISO file, and to Video_TS file.  Not only will it copy the video with high quality, but it will also copy all segments and content, such as subtitles and audio to MPEG2 file. You can also extract audio or video separately. With this software, you do not have to worry about losing any quality because it supports ISO image file.  

DVD Cloner

DVD Cloner is one of the fastest copying software that allows several types of DVD files: ISO, Blu Ray, and DVD. Video capturing feature allows you to save all your favorite shows while streaming them online. The software has 6 different copy modes, and it guarantees HD quality videos with a 1:1 ratio.  Overall it is a great program that had some great features, but fell short of being our first choice.



Magic DVD Copier 

What we really loved about this software is the simplicity. It has some basic features that will help you copy your favorite DVDs without losing quality. it has a user-friendly interface and with just a few clicks you can start burning. In addition, the software has the feature to compress DVD-9 to DVD-5 and keep the initial HD quality. DVD decryption is also included and is constantly upgrading.  


Having DVD copying software allows you to save valuable and dear memories from your old discs, to share them with loved ones, or even restore high quality if your DVDs are scratched and unrepairable. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, you can rip, burn, or make an ISO file to make sure your original file is safe. They are generally available for a lifetime license and you always have the option to add fresh updates to your existing DVD copying software.  We have done a lot of research to find the best dvd copy software for you, so if you still need more info just click on the link to find out every title we looked at.