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DVD Copying Software Reviews

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated April 11, 2021

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DVDs are no longer as popular as they used to be a decade ago. This is because there are better ways to watch movies or listen to music. However, you don't have to get rid of the piles of discs you splash money on. You may need them in the future, and it is prudent to store them somewhere safely.  

But wait! How long can discs stay before developing some annoying scratches? No matter how safe you store your DVD, it will hardly last 20 years. However, there is a way you can store their contents for a lifetime.   

By use of DVD Copying Software…  

Technology knocks at every door, and now, you can launch and install DVD copying software, copy all your DVD contents on Windows or Mac and save them as long as you want.  

What Does DVD Copying Software Do?

In a nutshell, DVD copying software enables you to copy, clone, or burn a DVD on Windows or Mac systems. This is done primarily to store contents that may be required for various use for a long time. For instance, you can create multiple copies of the stored original content for your home use, distribution, or simply play it directly from your device. 

What Features Should You Look For When Choosing a DVD Copying Software?

Price: The service charges always have the last say; you will only install a copying software that you can afford. However, it would help if you always considered the value of the product in relation to the charges that the company offers. Some services charge expensively but offer the best features while others offer very cheap or free plans with poor features.     

Quality of the Copy:DVD copying programs differ in the quality output. To assess the one that gives better quality, you should take advantage of the company's free trial offers, download, and test as many providers as possible.  

Ease of use: You need a provider with a user interface that doesn’t require a steep learning curve. The best DVD copying software should be able to do the job with just a few clicks.   

Speed: Speed is very vital when you have to copy a lot of DVDs. DVD content is not small and can take some time to copy. For that reason, the program that does the job faster will be appropriate. To learn the speed of the software, check the embedded technology used to develop the program.  

Other Features: DVD copying software usually comes with all the features clearly listed. You should check and ensure the one you settle for has all the features you want. In summary, a DVD copying software has no good if it is not capable of: copying D9 to D5, batch copying, copying disc with CSS encryption or region code.  

Quality of the Compression Output: Even though all the compressed contents come with compromised qualities, the quality varies with the software you choose. For that reason, select a service that will not extremely miss out on qualities during compression.  

Ability to Save DVD’s ISO Files to Your Computer: ISO is a virtual blueprint or simply an original DVD's image file. This feature enables you to create your own virtual movie library to access any time and copy the content on a blank disc or directly play the content from your device.  

Customer Support: You want to ensure you get the best support if you encounter a problem. The best DVD copying software companies offer email support, the FAQ section on their website, forums, and even better, direct chat options or phone calls. It is not a must that it has to have all these but should at least provide one of the fasted means of communication: live chat or a phone call option.

Reviews of the top 3 DVD Copying Software

Based on the guide provided, we have done our research and settle on the following as the best three DVD Copy Software in the market today. 


WINX DVD Copying Software 

You will get identical DVDs within 50 minutes of waiting. The software is also among the few that have the ability to save your DVD’s ISO file to your computer.  

However, the user-friendly interface is its biggest win. It was designed to satisfy those who are looking for easy to use online DVD copying software. But we will not assume other vital features like integrated description software that enables you to go around CSS encryption.   

It doesn't take an arm and a leg to subscribe to their services as they only charge $35.95. Once you subscribe, you can engage the customer support team anytime you want; they are always ready for your queries.   

On the bad side, we were disappointed to learn that it lacks the ability to compress commercial DVDs. But if that is not a priority to you, this program will be all you need to store your favorite DVD contents and access them without the hassle.  


DVD Cloner 

This DVD copying software gives you the highest number of options unique to itself. To begin with, it has two operation modes; express and expert mode. Expert mode is meant for more tech-savvy users and it allows for different levels of customization before performing the copying. Express mode is quick and requires the least of your intervention before performing the copying.  

The software is perfect for making the exact copies of your favorite DVDs within 45 minutes. It can also compress the content into smaller formats, and this will take around five minutes less.  

Even more, the service has the capability of emerging smaller files onto one Blu-Ray-Disc, something you will not find in most copying software. Another unique feature is a ‘movie only’ feature that allows you to create a new disc without any unwanted content.  


Magic DVD Copier 

This software offers you two options to choose from, compressed or uncompressed. You should expect a reduced quality of the compressed videos with every service that offers this feature. However, the extent of alteration varies with the provider, and if you are looking for a program with good compressed quality, then this is it.  

The software is also among the best in terms of speed. You will only have to wait for 40 minutes to get an exact copy of your original disc. For a compressed copy, it will take 10 minutes less.   

The major disappointment with this program is that it doesn’t allow you to save a DVD’s ISO file onto your computer.  


You should know exactly what kind of features you want your new application to have in order to find the best in the market. Thankfully, we have provided some general factors you may consider for someone who doesn't have a rough idea of what to look for.   

The best part, we have narrowed your research to only three programs. You can give them a test and select the one that suits you. Feel free to share with us your experience during the test.