DVDFab review

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated October 24, 2021

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Nowadays, there are numerous streaming websites where you can watch movies and TV series online. The main benefits of this kind of service is its versatility. You get to watch your favorite movie through your computer, TV, and even through your smartphone.

But the quality of what you watch highly depends on the speed of your internet connection. Some even ask you to pay a monthly premium price in order to give you high quality videos. And that is why DVDs and Blurays are still the best options when it comes to owning high quality movies. 

But those physical mediums simply can't beat the versatility offered by its online counterparts. Well, not really. There are tools out there, such as DVDFab, that could easily help you copy the content of your beloved DVDs and Blurays into your portable hard drive. This article will tell you all you need to know about DVDFab.

What is DVDFab

As mentioned earlier, DVDFab is a tool that could copy the full content of any DVD and Blu-ray and put it into your hard drive as a digital media. With DVDFab you could finally have your entire high quality movie collection in your hard drive. And thus turning the physical medium into a compact and portable media library. 

DVDFab is equipped with numerous advanced features, which we will talk about more in the next section. All of those features are there in order to give you the absolute control to customize the end-result of the movie that you just ripped. From controlling the size to burn it to a seperate disk, you can do it all with DVDFab. 

DVDFab is a tool that was developed and published by a company called Fengtao Software Limited. Other than DVDFab, this Hong Kong-based company has more than a dozen products under its belt. A multi-format video player, a tool to download videos from streaming websites, and many others. 

Features of DVDFab
  • Copy the full content of DVD and Blu-ray into the hard drive. As discussed earlier, the core function of DVDFab is its ability to copy the full content of any DVD and Blu-ray and turn it into a video file that you can watch through any modern video player. 
  • Quick process with high quality output. DVDFab pride itself on the fact that they could perform the tasking process of ripping the whole content of a DVD or Bluray in a relatively quick manner while still maintaining a high quality output. Granted, a longer movie might also take a longer time to rip. 
  • Convert DVD and Blu Ray files into numerous video formats. DVDFab allows you to choose the format that you want for the video output. That way, you could customize the video files from your DVD to suit your viewing habit. Such as a lossless quality for your TV or a small size file for your smartphone. 
  • Burn full videos into blank DVD and Blu-ray. Or maybe you want to make backups for some of your favorite movies. DVDFab also gives you the ability to easily copy the movie from the original DVD or Bluray and burn it into another blank DVD or Bluray disk.
  • Split one file into multiple DVDs. DVDs have a relatively small capacity, so burning a big movie from a Blu-ray into a DVD would be almost impossible. But DVDFab has the ability to split the original file into several files and burn each one into a different blank DVD disks. 
  • Merge multiple DVDs into one file. On the contrary, if you have a movie that requires two or more DVDs and you want to rip it into one single file, you can do so with DVDFab as well. This tool could merge multiple video files into one and then you can simply watch it or burn it into a Blu-Ray disk. 
Pros and cons of using DVDFab


  • 30-days free trial. If you like what you read about DVDFab but are still a bit hesitant on whether or not you should buy it, DVDFab offers a 30-days free trial program for you. During this period of time, you can enjoy the full capabilities of DVDFab. 
  • Easy to use. DVDFab received continuous support from its developer in order to improve every little aspect of it, including the user interface. They do this to make sure the users could easily use and navigate through every function of DVDFab.
  • Excellent support. If you have any problems when using DVDFab, you can always contact their excellent support team that would be eager to help you 24/7. You can visit their website for support documentation, you can contact them via email, and you can even call them. 



  • Expensive. DVDFab offers some of the most advanced features that you can find in this type of software. But all of these features come with a premium price tag. Expect to spend hundreds of dollars on most of their products. But they regularly offer a massive bundle that would save you a lot of money. Look out for those.

If you have an enormous collection of movies in DVDs or Blurays, DVDFab enables you to bring all of them along with you and watch it anywhere you want. It is equipped with advanced features that allow you to customize the video output however you like. It might be expensive, but it is definitely worth every penny.